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mbaMission is a professional MBA Admissions consulting firm, specializing in helping business school applicants identify and showcase the strongest aspects of their candidacy in their applications. Their dedicated consultants work one-on-one with candidates to ensure their unique stories are presented in a compelling way that will make the admissions committees take notice.


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     By joogyMBA 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Eric Hollowaty

Choosing Eric Hollowaty as my admissions consultant was the best decision I’ve made for my application – looking back I don’t regret it for a second.
I had prepared for the GMAT myself but I knew that essay writing and in general selling myself was my weakest skill. Moreover, I decided to apply to only one (!) top business school and I definitely wanted to give it the best possible chance of success. Eric is the best professional coach I’ve ever worked with – not only does his coaching helped me to submit a great application and get admitted, but it had a tremendous impact on my whole professional career. I learnt how to craft a compelling cover letter and build a strong business case in no time…
I work within a top professional services business and yet mbaMission impressed me with the top-notch quality of every bit of their work and the completely flawless service delivery. Writing wasn’t an easy thing for me but Eric was restless and didn’t stop pushing me to perfection. When I was stuck, he was always finding a way to foster my inspiration – I wouldn’t have make it without his help.

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     By tvanharmelen 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Kate Richardson

I recently decided to attend UCLA Anderson this fall for the MBA Class of 2018, and with Kate Richardson's help from MBA Mission was awarded a $60,000 scholarship as well.

I applied to several schools, and going into it alone before deciding to hire the help of a consultant, I was pretty clueless about what I wanted to write about in my essays as well as about other factors.

Right off the bat, Kate was extremely easy to talk to, and after learning more about me, pointed me in the right direction with regards to my essays, while she also helped give me a clear sense of my goals that helped determine which school and programs I'd eventually apply to.

For me, Kate's biggest strength was the help she gave me with my essay writing. Kate is an extremely strong writer, but also a great creative thinker. I can honestly say that Kate helped me materialize some ideas for how to structure my essays that I would never have considered on my own.

Usually I hate writing, but working alongside Kate, it became a fun challenge to come up with unique and insightful ways of expressing myself through pen and paper.

I'm extremely pleased with how the entire MBA application process went and how Kate helped me every step of the way, and I'm happy to recommend her MBA consultancy services to anyone who might be thinking of applying in the near future.



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     By nylb9kr 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Krista Nannery

The GMAT was my biggest obstacle. After finally getting the score that I wanted by the end of October, I felt leagues behind my peers in terms of timing. Here I was, with R1 deadlines long past and 5 daunting applications to complete in less than 2 months. I was in a panic. I was against the idea of using a consultant at first, but my best friend recommended MBAMission. She stressed that MBAMission doesn't do the work for you, but creates a roadmap to guide you through the stress of applications.

After talking to Krista on the phone, I was sold. She was sharp, resourceful, eloquent, and most of all - versatile. When I told her my unique passions and career aspirations, she didn't try to mold me into the perfect candidate; instead, she worked with me to enhance what makes me different. Throughout the process, Krista gave me complete freedom in terms choosing topics I wanted to write about. She encouraged me to come up with ideas that reflected personal aspects of my life and provided constructive criticism and insightful feedback. Because of Krista, I was able to dig several layers deeper and be true to myself, rather than putting together an application to "impress".

Having Krista was imperative to getting everything done on time. Although we had a tight deadline, she never made me feel stressed. On the contrary, we were a fantastic, symbiotic team. She would turnaround comments within a day and get on the phone whenever needed.

I can confidently say that the outcome is better than I ever expected. I got into all the schools I applied to R2 and am now going to my dream school in the fall!

At the end if it all, I consider Krista not only a fantastic consultant, but a mentor and a great friend. I highly recommend her and MBAmission to anyone going through the stresses of the application process.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By rlecav 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Heidi Granner

I am so thankful that I made the decision to use Heidi and mbaMission when I started the business school application process.

As I began applying, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed. Looking at the long list of things I needed to do, and the statistics of how competitive it would be to get accepted to a top ten school, I had no idea where to start. Heidi structured the process in a way that I only had to think about one school/deliverable at a time. This made everything seem more manageable and achievable, and she guided me each step of the way.

Throughout the process, Heidi was my largest supporter and advocate. She provided the perfect balance between giving constructive criticism and helping me strengthen my thoughts, while still cheering me on and giving me the confidence to put my best foot forward. Throughout my application process, several of my friends and family members gave me their opinions, but Heidi’s was always the most valuable, as I knew that she was always thinking through the lens of an admissions officer.

After a lot of hard work and guidance from Heidi, I was accepted into 2 of my dream schools, and Heidi continued to be there for me as I made the tough decision over where to enroll. I could not have done all of this without her!

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     By 2018applicant 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

This year was my 2nd go-around attempting to business school, and I found Katy to be instrumental in the process. Being an over-represented candidate (white male, finance), Katy did a great job helping me suss out key differentiating factors and experience I had to offer. More importantly, I honestly think Katy truly just wanted what was best for me, and wasn't pushing an agenda of a specific school or anything of that nature. I was 50/50 whether I wanted to go to school or not and Katy offered up some really good advice around the pros and cons of going to school vs not, and helping me figure out what I want to do next. While I ended up deciding to go to school, when I was leaning towards not, Katy was just as happy that through the experience I had gained a better sense of what I wanted to do with my professional career next

Lastly, I want to stress that I really appreciate how much Katy seemed to be working as hard towards my acceptance goals as I was - she took calls on weekends, over holidays, on short notice, etc - definitely super invested, which was really important to me.

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     By MGNCP 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Eric Hollowaty

I started the MBA application process late in the admissions season, having taken the GMAT in the second week of December, hoping to complete second round applications. I spoke with Eric Hollowaty at mbaMission the week after the GMAT and told him I intended to try to complete three applications to top 10 business schools in three weeks and asked for his help. Eric was eager to work with me and suggested an hourly package due to the timing of my applications.
As an individual with a finance background, I needed to really differentiate myself in order to be accepted. Through conversations and drafts of my essays, Eric was able to extract a truly unique story from my background that seemed rather mundane to me at the onset of the process. His ability to detect true differentiators in my background helped craft a perfect admissions story. Eric really pushes you to expand on all of your points to get the most out of your essays. Furthermore, Eric has deep knowledge of all of the top business schools and knows the types of people that they are interested in which helped tailor my story to each school that I applied.
Eric’s advice and guidance throughout the process enabled me to write excellent essays and tailor my resume for business school. The result is that I got in to Wharton and Columbia and couldn’t be more pleased with the services!

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Kate Richardson, mbaMission
April 26 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By brl59 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Kate Richardson

After looking at the extremely competitive admission statistics for top business schools, I decided to work with consultant Kate Richardson to identify strategies to differentiate myself. I was immediately impressed with Kate during our initial brainstorming session. Kate challenged me to think of a breadth of life, academic, and work experiences that would show why I wanted to attend business school and why I would be a desirable student. This discussion proved instrumental for crafting responses to essay prompts and interview questions.
Throughout the application process, Kate motivated me to write essays that were unique and consistent with my story. During our revision sessions, we would discuss what I wanted the admission committee to learn from my essays and how potential responses would contribute to my overall application. I was also impressed with Kate’s knowledge of top business schools. She had very useful advice about the types of responses that each school would find more compelling.
I am very glad that I opted for the all-inclusive school packages with Kate. While I initially assumed that a consultant would be most valuable for the essays, I did not realize the value in having Kate help me to adapt my resume for a business school application, to prepare me for my interview, and to provide guidance for the myriad of short answer questions on the applications. It was comforting to know that I could email her at any time and receive a quick and detailed response.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By MBAmissionImpossible 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Liza Weale

I won't lie -- I was not sure if I needed a consultant at first. As a green MBA applicant just starting the process, I felt that maybe the value add wasn't quite worth the cost. My free, initial conversation with Liza proved me wrong.

During our initial chat, Liza started asking me all the hard questions I needed to confidently master. Liza was always honest, and it was from there that our relationship began. Her experience and expertise lends her to have a general understanding of what is "market" in the MBA universe. It is her candid, yet careful, honesty that won me over. The application process is a long, brutal process that really forces one to face his/her self, and Liza was the first step for me to face it.

She served as a valuable resource in the coming weeks and months. She was quick to answer any and all questions I may have, no matter how big or small. She was very active in my brainstorming process and helped me expand my initial ideas. Importantly, she reviewed my essays and sometimes provided an outside perspective that I would not have thought of on my own.

Even after the application process, Liza was responsive and helpful to answer any additional questions I may have. And even during my acceptances (and rejections), she remained engaged and enthusiastic.

You can tell that she really cares about and shares in the successes of her clients. And by these reviews, you can see that her clients feel the same.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By cwsmith12 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Helen Summers

I worked with Helen Summers and she was tremendous. She was very "on the ball" as soon as we started, and helped me keep to a tight schedule, as I applied to three schools Round 1.

A few things that come to mind when I worked with Helen:

-Clearly understands the admissions process and how to work with the candidate to bring out the best of the person. I know she was able to use facts and stories that I didn't think were relevant and bring them all together in my application. Her insights on my essays, short answers, and even how to interact with the various ad com's and others were key. I was very pleased with how my essays turned out.

-Very honest with me throughout the process, from school selection to essays and interview prep. She told it to me straight, even during the free consultation. That's what ultimately led me to choosing her.

-Responsive. Always met the commitment to respond within two business days and was able to accommodate other quick turn requests.

-Easy to work with. Never made things stressful for me.

Overall, I am very happy that I worked with Helen, and I thought it was worth every penny.

Food for thought as you consider whether to hire a consultant or not: you are investing so much money into the admissions process, and (hopefully) investing in a two year MBA program, why not put your best foot forward on your applications? I know having someone to work with who has been through the process and understands how the Ad Com reviews an application was an invaluable resource for me. Yes it's expensive to hire a consultant for a school package, but I got into a great program with a below average GMAT (660) because Helen helped me articulate why I would be a great candidate.

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John Sisk mbaMission
April 21 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By cb1989 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: John Sisk

John was incredible in guiding me through all aspects of the admissions process. I had just taken the GMAT for the 2nd time when I first talked with John towards the end of October and was fairly happy with my score but unsure of the best way to move forward in the process. John and I worked together on our game plan from there, and because I was adamant about going to business school in Fall 2016 we decided to move on from the GMAT (although my score could've used a little bit of a boost) and start focusing on the applications instead. He was instrumental in helping me choose which target schools to apply to and I appreciated how up-front and honest he was about my candidacy strength for some of the programs I was considering. I'm glad he talked me out of applying to a couple that would've definitely been too much of a reach for me based on my below average GMAT score. John and I completed four applications from late October to early January, and he was great in putting in the extra effort as needed to help me successfully meet the aggressive timeline we had put together. He was especially helpful around the application deadlines, too. I would say that John's biggest strengths were to help put together a strong story and personal statement, helping tie all of my life experiences together for the more creative personal essays and video essays, his feedback/encouragement during interview prep, and his level-headed voice of reason throughout the ups and downs of the process. I am 100% confident that I would not have been admitted to the schools that I was admitted to and that I would not have received any of the scholarship offers that I was awarded. John was instrumental in helping me make the final decision on where to attend business school this fall, too, and I'm very grateful for that as well. John seemed to genuinely care about me and my future plans and I really liked how passionate he was to help me be successful in getting into my target schools. I now consider John a friend after going through this process with him and I'm confident that we'll stay connected moving forward. Overall it has been a great experience working with John and I highly recommend him for anyone considering applying to b-school.

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