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mbaMission is a professional MBA Admissions consulting firm, specializing in helping business school applicants identify and showcase the strongest aspects of their candidacy in their applications. Their dedicated consultants work one-on-one with candidates to ensure their unique stories are presented in a compelling way that will make the admissions committees take notice.


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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By DC3812 2 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Liza Weale

My first experience working with Liza was through mbaMission's Boot Camp product. The Boot Camp is an all day online session with an instructor that really give you a great jump start on the essay process of your applications if you don't have the time or money to spend on a full school package. I found this Boot Camp to be extremely helpful, but you need to be willing to put in the work yourself (prep work leading up to the session, during the session, and homework after) to get the most out of it.

Liza was great during the session and provided very valuable feedback to me on my homework assignment, which was to write a draft of one of my essays. For some, just this one activity might be enough guidance for their whole application process. However, I felt that I needed a little more expert advice on the rest of my essays, so I decided to purchase a few hours of the Hourly Services with Liza because of my positive experience with her in the Boot Camp.

Liza was always very up front and honest in answering my questions and her assessments of my essays. She was very encouraging in pushing me to strive for my greatest, but was also unbiased and honest - willing to tell me when she thought a particular school may be a reach for me. When giving essay feedback she was able to not only just offer ideas for better wording, but also ask me questions about the topics that really helped me focus on the right issues and get my mind in gear. She was very prompt in her responses and offered valuable advice once it came time to making admissions decisions. I would definitely recommend Liza to anyone navigating the business school application process. It is certainly daunting to do alone and having Liza as a resource made everything a lot easier!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By dmull88 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Kate Richardson

Kate and I met through mbaMission as she was highly recommended, especially given she was an alumnus of a target school of mine. While my target schools were all ‘top ten’ programs, Kate knew my lower GPA and GMAT score would be a challenge and was incredibly constructive in putting together a competitive, cohesive story targeted at each school I applied to. She was also very helpful in strategizing mitigants to weaknesses in my application based on her admissions experience and worked on ways to even further highlight my strengths. From the very beginning, Kate was supportive of my school selection decisions and patiently walked through tweaks to my resume, essays, and emails on almost weekly calls. Ultimately, I was admitted to my top choice school and I attribute much of my success to Kate.

Of Kate’s many qualities, perhaps her strongest is that she is very experienced in the industry and shows it. This was particularly helpful in identifying my top strengths for the application process and tailoring them to each school I applied to. At the beginning of our partnership, I filled out a lengthy essay response to a set of her questions ranging from where I was from, to my future goals, to my biggest accomplishments, to my family; after carefully reviewing my responses, Kate was able to identify and target the top accolades, stories and achievements I could use to develop a successful application package for business school. Her genuine interest in my story was tangible throughout the process and by selecting key points to differentiate myself, I was able to craft a unique, competitive application package. Kate was also very dedicated throughout the process and it never felt like my time was getting cut off or I was not getting what I paid for. No matter how busy she was, Kate would take the time to hop on the phone, send an email, or word of encouragement when it was needed. This was greatly appreciated, especially during such a daunting and ambiguous application process.

Throughout my MBA application, Kate was not just a consultant, she was a partner. I can proudly say I was recently admitted to my top choice school and I couldn’t have done it without her.

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Thank You mbaMission!
April 19 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By sm3045 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Susan Kaplan

Susan Kaplan is an excellent Admissions Consultant. From our initial consultation and assessment, Susan did not sugarcoat anything or spoon-feed me. She asked the important questions that matter and guided me in the right direction if ever I ventured astray. If your experience turns out to be anything like mine, you will quickly realize that the uber-introspective MBA application process will require weeks of hard work, focus, and dedication. I wholeheartedly recommend signing up with Susan Kaplan and mbaMission if you’re serious about going to business school.
I signed up for the Two School Complete Package, despite applying to a total of four schools in Round 2. The two schools that I chose not to opt for mbaMission’s direct services for had essay prompts that followed the standard “Why MBA / Why Now / Why Here” structure. Don’t fret - once you nail down your story with Susan’s help, you can apply most of those principles across multiple schools. The extensive guidance that Susan offered in editing multiple resume drafts, essay outlines, rec letters, and (of course) main essays, were invaluable to my success in this process. Her feedback was always quick, candid, and constructive.
I’m proud (and still shocked) to say that I was accepted to three schools and waitlisted at the fourth! Thanks to Susan and mbaMission, I will be getting my MBA at my dream school (Top 3) this fall!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By pmba2015 21 12
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Angela Guido

It is long past due for me to do this review. First, I want to thank you, Angela, for the exceptional job that you did with me. I would not have been accepted at 3 top business schools if it weren’t for you. Also, I wish you the best of luck with Career Protocol!

BEFORE I START, SOME CONTEXT. I am 33 years old from South America with a solid career at small investment management companies. I started early (May), had a solid gmat score (740) but due to my age, I knew this would be my only and last shot at business schools. Career wise, I wanted to keep working in finance and stay in America after my MBA. I did the full package for 5 schools with Angela and applied to another 3 on my own (all on R1).

WHY ANGELA? She had great reviews, but I am a thorough person. I talked with about 5 consultants, all from top firms and with great reviews. Angela was the one that I felt most confident about. She really knew all the schools, had a great insight into the reality about employment of the programs and we had a great chemistry. I am sure all the other consultants were great, but I know Angela was the right choice and I don’t regret, not even for a second, choosing her.

THE FIRST GREAT FEATURE – She really knows the employability of each program. I think that most of the employment statistics provided by business schools are bogus. There is industry and region bias and people might be employed at second tier jobs or companies. Do you really believe that a top 20 BS is better than HBS because HBS has only 90% of its students employed upon graduation? Well, I don’t and neither does Angela. Our first task together was to narrow my 15 schools list to about half of that and also pick the 5 that made more sense working together. She really knew which programs were doing great and which were struggling to get jobs for their students. It was like I was working with someone from the inside! We also discussed a lot about the career path that made more sense given my goals. The MBA consulting came with a bonus of career counseling! She made me realize that PE was not a go way to go for an international to stay in the US. After putting all together, we decided on HBS, Booth, Kellogg, Tuck, Duke, Wharton, MIT and UCLA. The first five I worked with her.

THE HARSH TRUTH. It was early June and we were excited to start working on the essays. We were already done with the Brainstorming, which turned out great and full of stories, and were very advanced on my resume. My original Resume really stunk. It was very bad! LOL. Angela had a tough job there, but it became a masterpiece. I am so proud of it that I am thinking of framing it! Back then, only very few schools had they essay out. We started working on HBS (the dream and reach school). The first essay was terrible! The second, worst! Angela kept returning my essays with honest comments about them. After five bad essays, we decided to take a break and go back to the drawing board. She taught me the concept of a narrative. Tell the story, show the facts, be specific, but not so much that you can be concise, which I am not being here, and not turn boring. Also, she demanded me to take another look at the material she had sent to me. Advice: read everything carefully and pay attention to the structure of the examples. Angela does what a great consultant should do. She will tell will the truth, teach you how to overcome the problem and will not let you deliver anything short of a great work.

THE GREAT TALENT. Angela is the best writer I have ever seen. She could really spin any fact that I told her in a perfectly told story. It is amazing how she does it on the spot and had I had that talent, my life would have been so much easier. Well I don’t have the talent, but I was fortunate to have Angela as my consultant. She guided me on the right direction in a way that I was able to tell my stories and at the same time the essay were compelling and resonated with the AdCom. After the HBS fiasco and of a round of advising, we decided to move on to Tuck. I nailed it on the very first draft! Her counseling really stuck and that essay was so compelling that became the base for at least another 3 different business school. Angela really taught me how to write a perfect essay.

THE ESSAYS (in order of writing). HBS – Took me 13 drafts. I only started getting right on the 11th. The final draft made my wife literally cry. TUCK – Nailed both on the 1st draft but after minor reviews they were ready in 3 drafts. DUKE – About 5 drafts each. KELLOGG – 3 drafts each. BOOTH – 5 drafts to what, I am quoting here, became the best essay Angela had seen for Chicago that year. MIT – 2 drafts. WHARTON – 5 drafts. UCLA – 5 drafts.

SOME OTHER QUALITIES. Besides the career and essay insights that were fantastic, I really enjoyed working with Angela. Not only me. In fact, my wife participated all the way in the business school applications. She was with us from the first to the last call. She read every single essay and short answer. Angela embraced her all the way in the process, as if she was the one applying. Even though she was in Europe and we in South America, we had little trouble in arranging calls to discuss essays and strategies. I sent her a huge amount of work every week (I must have been her most frenetic client) and she handled it beautifully. The interview prep material and the mock interviews were extremely helpful. She was even a shoulder to “cry” on, when everything seemed to be falling apart. The first five schools to release their decision dinged me, including Duke that I was certain to get in. She asked some friend to review my stuff to check for inconsistencies and problems, which they didn’t, and she gave me advices on how to proceed for R2.

THE FINAL RESULT. I got invited to 5 interviews (Booth, Kellogg, Tuck, Duke and UCLA). Booth suggested me to pursue their executive MBA. I got accepted to Kellogg, Tuck and UCLA. I also got 70K in scholarship from UCLA and an additional 30K from an UCLA Alumni Society.

GRATITUTE. I want to one more time thank Angela for her work. I had 2 weaknesses on my profile. I had always worked at smaller non mainstream firms and I was on the verge of being too old to be an MBA applicant. I would not have passed to any of these schools if it weren’t for her. Instead, I got much more than I was hoping for.

If anyone has any questions, just PM me.
Guilherme Kobylko

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By Anonymous22 1 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

Katherine Lewis aka Katy, as I call her, is my guru who helped me to re-define my personality through a unique dimension. My relation with Katy dates back to 2012 when I reached out to her to seek b school advice through 30 min free consultation program. Unfortunately, things did not materialize for me but I informed her that I will approach her if I intend to apply in future.

I planned to apply to Haas-EWMBA in 2016. Personally, things were a bit challenging for me as my wife was expecting and I had a lot going on at work front too. However, with strong support of my wife, I decided to apply in 2016 and I contacted Katy in 2015 November. I am a re-applicant to the Haas program as it is the best option for me.

In my first meeting with Katy, I was bombarded with a series of questions that I took my own sweet time to fill out. From then onwards, things got exponentially better and Katy kept surprising me every time. Few things that I loved about her:

Summarizing power: She read through my 14 page bio and gave me an absolutely brilliant summary that boosted my confidence. In fact, looking back at all my activities, the theme of my personality perfectly fits her summary. That was the point when I felt that it was totally worth it.

Extremely responsive: She reviewed all my essays and provided crucial suggestions in a timely fashion. I was sometimes late in giving back my drafts but she was never late. She made me feel comfortable with my way of portraying things and made me better at it.

Stress management: Well, I may be one of the numerous folks saying that it is extremely stressful to apply to b-school but trust me, it definitely is (with my wife expecting anytime soon and me racing against deadlines-gosh!). Katy was always there for me. She was always very supportive and helped me to look beyond the current limitations

Great counselor: Here comes the hard fact but I owe this totally to Katy. I was waitlisted in the first round and my memories from 2015 came crashing onto me. It was like a deja-vu and I was going through the most stressful times of the year. Katy came as a pleasant surprise to me. She kept confidence in me, helped me to push my application further and gave extremely constructive feedback to make my case stronger. (Have you heard of guys who did not make it as they went late to an interview- well I am an exception and I owe this to Katy-she helped me to give my best)

Economical: I was offered a free session (worth $270) once as she had to reschedule. This incidence took me by a pleasant surprise. Moreover, she wanted to see the best in me. Unlike other consultants who may charge you for every small pep-talk she gave full support to me at absolutely no cost when I was waitlisted. I really loved her spirit and enthusiasm.

To summarize, I am extremely elated to let you guys knows that I am admitted to EWMBA-Haas program and all my limitations seemed very trivial with the support of my guru/cheerleader Katy. I would definitely recommend her. Do not miss her if you are serious about getting into one of the best b-schools.

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5-Star Product
April 18 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By petey584 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Helen Summers

Helen was a tremendous resource through the MBA application process. Throughout our time together, I always got the feeling that she was an eager friend that truly wanted to help. I always got prompt and unflinchingly honest feedback, all the while keeping the utmost standards of professionalism.

This service is not for everyone due to the high cost. In addition, I don't believe this is a service for people who want to use the consultant as a crutch to stay on task. However, if you are like me and want to "de-risk" the process as much as possible by being prepared, one can't do better than building a partnership with Helen.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By anonymousxx 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Liza Weale

When I started the application process, I admit that I was skeptical about consultants. I’m extremely organized and have been told I’m a strong writer – so I was confident I could do everything on my own, without cutting a big check. One of my best friends worked with Liza a few years ago, did very well in the application process and encouraged me to at least do the 30 min session with Liza – after all, it was free. My friend had nothing but positive feedback about Liza and raved about the experience working with her. I really trust her so went ahead with the call, but still thought it would be a sales pitch. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Liza had reviewed my resume and responses to mbaMission’s questionnaire thoroughly before our call and after giving a brief introduction, turned it over to me to use the remaining 28 mins how I saw fit. I came with a bunch of questions and frankly, concerns, and Liza was direct, honest and encouraging in her answers. It was far from a sales pitch. I walked away with a feeling that I should reconsider working with her and ended up deciding to do the start to finish package for the 4 schools to which I was applying.

Throughout the process, Liza was my biggest supporter, provider of constructive feedback, motivator and at times, therapist. Her knowledge of the process and each school’s quirks was clear but perhaps more importantly, she really got to know me and therefore could help me strategize and determine how to position my best self in each piece of the application.

In the beginning, I was anxious and just wanted to get started on the essays but Liza reminded me that I needed to be patient with the step by step process she laid out. I was skeptical once again, but listened. She was right -- the brainstorming process could not have been more important. I spent that first weekend answering the many questions she provided. The result was 15+ pages about all aspects of my life, past experiences, values and personality. The self-reflective process and probing questions that Liza asked after reading the document became the starting place for my essay topics. Liza helped me to see how my accomplishments were just that – accomplishments. And as we went along, her comments in each draft were pointed and pushed me to articulate a specific point more clearly in the next version. The robust and honest dialogue we had was so valuable as I tried to show the admissions offices what I am all about.

Liza kept me organized & accountable and made the overwhelming application process seem less daunting as we tackled each essay/task step by step. I tend to overanalyze and as such, tweaked the wording or sentence structure of my essays frequently – Liza was patient and truly wanted me to feel 100% confident with the end result. After many iterations, she finally helped me to let go and press the submit button, knowing I really did put my best foot forward. It didn’t stop there – she was there to prepare me for my video essay and interviews, and served as a sounding board as I made my final decision.

In addition, Liza was there when things didn’t go so smoothly. First, I had a few bumps in the road with my recommenders. Liza calmed me down and offered constructive suggestions given the circumstances to get to a positive outcome. Second, one of my interviews went poorly and Liza made herself available on a Friday evening and early Saturday morning to help me bounce back. She never made me feel rushed on our phone conversations (which always went over our allotted time), answered my frequent emails quickly and thoroughly, and helped me put things in perspective while waiting for and hearing the results.

Now that I have a few acceptances under my belt and am thrilled with where I’ll spend the next few years, I look back and realize that partnering with Liza was worth every penny I spent. Liza goes above and beyond, is truly invested in her clients, and is someone you want on your side as you take this next step. While I already miss seeing Liza’s name in my inbox every other day, I can honestly say that I think we will keep in touch long after this application year.

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Angela is Fantastic
April 13 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By alperins 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Angela Guido

I went into the MBA admission process relatively blind and on an extremely tight schedule. I had little insight into how the process worked or what to expect. I also had only taken the GMAT on October 31 and wanted to apply round 2, really only giving me a month and a half to get my applications in order. Once I engaged Angela, I knew I had made a good decision.

She immediately put me at ease. She gave me great insight into the process, what to expect, what to and not to worry about, and how it would all work. This put a lot of my unease to rest, as I felt like I had a great grasp on the process. She then instilled much needed confidence in me. As an atypical candidate, I was unsure if I should highlight or hide that background. My instincts told me to shine a light on it, which Angela agreed with. And, we ran with it.

In the end, it all paid off. I am attending HBS in the fall. I owe Angela a great deal of credit for that.

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Great Essay Guidance
April 12 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By Dynamis12 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Helen Summers

I worked with Helen Summers at mbaMission on 5 school essays, all for the round 1 cycle of applications. Her guidance and input on putting my "best foot forward" with my essays was invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering an admissions consultant.

I was one of those MBA applicants with a unique background. I had a non-business undergrad degree and worked abroad in a non-corporate setting. However, business schools ( I have learned) are most interested in one's leadership capabilities ( still crush your GMAT though :) ), and Helen helped me showcase my own leadership skills with captivating stories. Also, the structure that Helen recommended I use for my essays made my story much more logical in terms of relating my past experiences to my post-MBA career goals.

I was admitted to my #1 choice. Without Helen I know that I would have had 5 dings to reminisce about this year. Instead, I'm on to the next chapter!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By IMPOSSIBLE0715 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Angela Guido

When I started my application, there was quite limited time allowed me to catch up with the first round submission deadline. Angela has a lot of good reviews from GMATClub, therefore I decided to asked her for help. Although occupied with other applicants, she was very kind to offer the help for me. There are two schools in my package and one of them required 3 essays which was a huge amount of work given I only have no more than 2 months.
Starting in mid Jul, Angela helped me from the very beginning including understanding my own strengths and weaknesses, packaging my story that could fit into the essays. She really knew how to dig out my personality and incorporate it into the essays. There are several times I was quite surprised that Angela seemed to know myself better than I did. The turnaround time for Angela was very short so that I could easily manage my submission timeline.
If you think she is just catching some grammar error or rephrasing the wordings, you are wrong. There was one essay Angela felt I was not doing well, which I felt the same way while writing it. She was very 'harsh' to ask me to 're-write' it for several times until she thought it really represented me in the essay.
During the mock interview stage, I was also struggling with some general questions such as why MBA, why this school. I tended to answer it in a general way at the beginning, but Angela also helped me to rephrase the answer to be consistent with my career goal.
It turned out to be a pretty good result for me I n the end. I got admitted to my first priority school and got the merit based scholarship. Really need to give Angela a big thanks here!

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