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     By macjas 399 819
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Location: Mumbai, India

As others have mentioned, parking is a big problem in this area. You would be better of taking a cab/rickshaw or having someone else drive you to the center.

Invigilator: They were friendly and polite. Absolutely no problems here.

Test Area: is quiet but I felt that the AC was a little too cold for me. Usually I have the AC dialed in at 23F at home The test center was more like 18F. So make sure you come dressed in layers.

Test Equipment: The computers are all Dell and relatively new/in good shape. The test pads are however, not like the Manhattan Test Pads. They are a little smaller, white in color and a little worn out. Also make sure that you check your pens before entering the test area. You will also be given pink foam ear plugs and tissue paper if you choose to accept these items.

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1 Commented by mba2015adm on October 22, 2014
23F / 18F or 23C / 18C? GMAT Taker! Poor stuff :(
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GMAT yusuf sarai test center
December 05 | 2013
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     By prateekbhatt 894 207
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Location: New Delhi, India

Excellent place, near by metro station is green park.There were a lot of landmarks given so it was easy to locate.

If you are driving then finding parking space can be a daunting task so t better to take metro or auto.

Staff was very professional, made everything clear to me, they also gave me 2 markers and ear plugs without even asking.During the breaks they were quick and they valued my time.

Lockers were large enough and restroom(small) was clean.

Noise level was zero,still i got ear plugs, proper light and AC temperature was comfortable.

The computer was large it was easy to focus, mouse and keyboard were also good.

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1 Commented by obishake on June 19, 2014
GOOD to hear that they give ear plug. I have prepared everytime with ear plug in my ears. hehehehe
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Pearson VUE New Delhi
July 10 | 2016
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     By Skywalker18 682 209
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: New Delhi, India

I have taken the GMAT twice at Pearson VUE Yusuf Sarai Center - New Delhi.
- The staff will allow you inside the center only 30 mins before the exam. So, don't reach the center too early . You will probably be exhausted waiting outside or sitting on the staircase. There are frequent traffic jams in the route to the test center.
- No parking space - Finding a parking spot will be a challenge
- Nearby metro station - positive
- The exam center is on 4th floor . On my first attempt , the elevator was not functional . So i was forced to take the stairs. Even though i am fit and play sports , i want to avoid any strenuous physical activity before the GMAT .
-The testing room has around 15 computers, each separated in a cubicle. I was given headphones / noise cancellation devices / 2 markers and 1 scratch pad.
-Staff is generally polite. After the AWA and IR, i had a few pages left in my scratchpad. Initially the female proctor refused to give a new pad. She insisted that i finish the remaining 2 pages.
When i begged, she gave me a new scratchpad.
-There is one restroom that is nearby. So, i had to wait for my turn to use it during the breaks. In one of the breaks, the janitor was in the washroom and he was cleaning it at his own pace. Only when i knocked the door a few times, he opened.
- One female test taker was denied admission because her identification proof passport might have expired a few days back. Even though she showed other government approved id proof- PAN card, she was refused admission. She was crying and there was some commotion in the center .I believe the staff could have handled the entire episode in a better way. I believe no fellow test taker will want to go through all this.
- There is a water cooler and lockers are decent.
- In the breaks, i was unsure of the time elapsed and the proctors refused to tell me. One of them told me that we should keep a note of time and was rude. Even though i believe proctors are not required to tell the time remaining, i envy people who got friendly proctors who helped them utilize the full quota of 8 mins .
- AC was functional and cooling was optimal.
- There was lot of noise during the AWA. Noise insulation in the room could have been better.
- Headphones are provided at the desks. One can also ask for ear plugs.
- As far as i have heard, this is the best GMAT center in Delhi.
.Also, most of the dates in this center were unavailable a month or two before . I believe, this center conducts a lot of other exams apart from the GMAT.
- I believe a new Pearson VUE Center will open in Aug 2016 in Noida. Thus, it would be beneficial for people who stay in South /East Delhi or Noida and others who fail to get an appointment in the Yusuf Sarai center because of limited slots .

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Test Centers Review
Good facility
June 28 | 2016
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     By AnNguyen88 1 0

The facility, security and staffs are good. Test happened on time, without any technical issue. It was quiet and private so there was no distraction and I could comfortably focus and finish the exam.
The test center was right at the city center so getting there was easy. It could be a little bit difficult to find because there were so many similar buildings closed to each other in the area. You should prepare extra time for that.
The staffs were friendly, attentive and helpful. The computer worked well. Remember to follow the rule and instruction about eating, break-time, rest room....

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Test Centers Review
May 25 | 2016
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     By bboredd 2 0

I took the GMAT twice at this test centre. On the first occasion, the test centre was acceptable, cold, dull, but nothing unexpected. The second time however was a completely different experience. On that day, the test centre was overcrowded with 15-20 other people, most taking some Pearson English exam and some taking the LNAT. I believe that I may have been the only person taking the GMAT. Apart from inadequate staffing, they were also training a new staff member and given the number of people in the centre, there was hardly enough standing room - definitely not an ideal situation to be in if you were about to take a test that requires a calm collected approach. The place was noisy despite the no talking regulations and with so many people, became quite stuffy. During the test, there was a lot of movement due to the number of people and this made concentrating on the test somewhat difficult.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend this test centre if you had a choice. There is another test centre in Melbourne located at Melbourne Business School (within their library). The place is way more conducive for such a test.

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Test Centers Review

the place is very good
reach on time only
if u reach the center early they wont allow u so u'll have to wait outside
the whole place is carpetted
there is a single toilet
ppl are very corporative
the computer screen was very nice, large (around 21'') and the mouse and keyboard was up to the mark
u'll get sufficient desk space to slove ur ques in the notebook
the locker space is quite big; i took 3 medium waterbotttles my OG, my bag, my rough register, tiffin, etc and after all this there was still some space

there were headphones in case u r hearing noise of anything

in my case i was late by 2.5 minutes in my first break; i.e after IR

if u r going by metro its about 10-15 min by auto

parking space is abundant but u'll need approx 10 min for that if u r taking ur car

there is no canteen in the test center

u can bring ur own food and eat there only

the test center can accommodate approx 10 people in the test area

my test was in afternoon so it was very quite and empty

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Test Centers Review
Excellent Test Center
May 10 | 2016
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     By herein 8 0
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Mumbai, India

I chose to take the test at Mumbai center because I have heard good things about the center, and how well organized everything is in the center. My exam time was at 10 AM and arrived there around 9:30 AM.
This test center is a great place to take the test. The staff is courteous, and the place is not very difficult to find. The exam center is very quiet. During the exam, I experienced no issues and everything went flawlessly. No outside noise, very peaceful place, nice restroom facilities to freshen up. Good locker facilities. There are about 15-16 exam computers with cubicles sort (if I remember correctly). You are also provided an option to use earplugs or overhead headphones (not very useful for noise cancellation but still helpful). If I take the exam, I would choose a center like this Pearson center. Highly recommend it. Make sure not to forget your passport and some good snacks :). All the best.

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Test Centers Review
Bad experience
April 25 | 2016
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     By Jmnjd 0 0
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

This is a comment valid for all the test centers. Please be aware that after the check in after your break the persons fro the test center must go to your computer to insert their own passwrd.
I had a bad exerience in Lisbon, where the test center where full, and the people from the testcenters did not insert their passwrod on my computer. What happen was i had to wait, as the employees where check in other people. this action just cost me 2 minutes of my exam.
Also, on the break at lunch time, they have few people supporting this exams and thus I tried to do my break when the only employee avaible went to the bathroom...
Moreveover, they dont carre about the noise and give instrutions to the candidates inside the test room.

You should avoid this center! At least, I hope they could improve after this comment.

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Test Centers Review
Wacker Dr, Illinois - US
April 16 | 2016
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     By mvictor 1632 191

I took my GMAT today, for the fourth time :D, and without doubt, this test center was the best so far.
Since I never seen the test center nor the building where it is located, I arrived 1 hour before the scheduled time. The personnel was very friendly and understanding. I was allowed to take the exam before the scheduled time. Toilets are really close, so does not require a lot of time to get there (for at ex. test center on Adams St. - Chicago - toilets are bit far, and hard to find - 8 minutes is kind of not enough if you want to go to the toilet and eat smth during the break).

Signed and scanned my palm and was ready for the fight.
The test has 2 rooms. The one in which I was had 10 computers, each separated in a cubicle. I was given headphones / noise cancellation devices / 2 markers and 1 scratch pad.

One of the drawbacks though - if you finish a section ahead of time, even if you CAN take longer breaks, you will not be allowed to!!!
I finished my quant section 25 minutes ahead of time!!! and to my surprise, when I asked to use my break + time remained (I really did not need 33 minutes of break), the person who was monitoring everything clicked smth on the screen and bam - to my shock i had only 8 minutes of break.
Same thing happened after IR - I had 8 minutes left...and of course..i could not use any extra time for the break...

overall, i would give 4.5/5 to this center.

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Test Centers Review
Karachi Center
March 24 | 2016
     By Jahanzeb3313 5 15
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Location of the center is good, its in the city not in any remote area. it was quite small place but arrangements were fair. coordinators were cooperative asked you properly about the required stuff and provide locker to put all the stuff. I was not satisfied with locker being at reception where you have to gather you stuff in front of everyone. Rest room condition was quite bad that you cant even find toilet paper in there they must improve rest room condition. The only problem i face is that there is only one center in the whole city so no other choice.

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