Prime Time: Prime Factor Problem Explanation

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As promised, here is the solution to the question in our last post on prime factors. Remember that the goal was to try and break the problem down into more manageable pieces.

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Join Our 2nd Annual Business School Admissions Officer Survey Debrief

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Do you wonder what top business school admissions officers really care about when they consider your application? Which factor do admissions committees really think is the most important part of your application? What is it that gives you an edge over the competition? We surveyed top...

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GMAT Question of the Week: Data Sufficiency and Averages – The Explanation

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If you haven't already, visit our Data Sufficiency practice problem and give it a try on your own before reading the explanation. To get this question correct, you must combine your knowledge of fundamental math concepts with use of the Kaplan Method and strategies for approaching...

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GMAT Question of the Week: Data Sufficiency and Averages

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Who's afraid of a little GMAT Data Sufficiency? Not you! Take this one step-by-step to get to the correct answer. We'll post the explanation in a couple days. Happy practicing! Post your answers here in the comments, or on Facebook. Edit: The full explanation has been posted!

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Two Steps To Clarifying Your Career Goals

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The biggest question to ask yourself before embarking on GMAT prep and the business school application process is, “What are my career goals?” Once you know your career goals, you can then determine whether you need an MBA to reach them. Business schools care about knowing...

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The Power in Knowing Your Career Goals

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There is tremendous power in knowing what you really want to accomplish in life. The minute you become clear about what your career goal is, you can make it happen. I had the honor of taking Peter Drucker’s management course years ago and remember...

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2014 MIT Executive MBA Application Essay Tips

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This set of essay questions shows that MIT seeks applicants who have a vision for the career they are building, who understand the impacts of their actions, and who have the judgment and practical skills to effectively handle the challenges that will come at them...

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Michelle: Tips for the Non-Traditional Applicant

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It’s been a long time (and a lot of introspection and second guessing) since Michelle and I started our journey together. And now that her application is submitted (and looking GREAT), I thought it would be a good opportunity to...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Nov 8): Arithmetic and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) If and are two consecutive positive integers, is ? 1. and are consecutive positive integers 2. is an even integer Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - A - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) GMAT Daily Deals e-GMAT’s methods help...

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MBA Interview Tip 3: Phone and Skype MBA Interviews

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[NOTE: This post is part of a series; if interested please view the introduction. Links to the first two advice tips are below.] Phone and Skype are often used for MBA interviews when an in-person interview isn’t feasible. A phone interview is simply a conversation by phone;...

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