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We Are All in This Together

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Stacy Blackman Consulting does not often comment on politics or current events outside of the realm of business school. We have stayed quietly cocooned in our b-school-centric world. However, the events of the past few months — let alone weeks — have demonstrated that there is...

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Does Your Social Media Presence Affect Your MBA Application?

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High school students embarking on college applications should watch their step on social media platforms. That’s common wisdom, and it’s true. By now, we’ve all heard stories about acceptances being rescinded or applications being denied because of bad behavior online—in one particularly dramatic instance in...

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Michigan Ross MBA Essays for 2020-2021

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The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business has announced the Ross MBA essays for the 2020-2021 admissions season. This year, the Ross School has streamlined the short-answer questions and trimmed the word count for its Career Goal essay. Michigan Ross MBA Essays Part 1: Short-answer questions Select one...

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Visualize Your Future with an Odyssey Plan

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“Fresh ideas from the Blacklight” SBC’s Weekly Newsletter for Professionals Life is pretty much upside down right now. On top of freaking out about the prospect of getting sick (or that a loved one will come down with coronavirus), many people are in a professional limbo as...

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Applying to HBS? Don’t Miss These Vital Tips!

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If you’re applying to Harvard Business School, you already know that it’s going to be an uphill climb. Your application is going to need to be essentially flawless if you want a fighting chance of securing one of those highly coveted spots.  That’s a lot of...

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Preparing for Life as an MBA Student at Toronto Rotman [Episode 367]

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An engineer with Indian Railways seeks innovation as a Rotman MBA student. [Show summary] Meenakshi Chauhan spent five years as an engineer with Indian Railways (and the only woman in her department) before leaving in search of a more challenging, innovative work environment. Now, she’s preparing...

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Crush the GRE Ranks SBC Top MBA Admissions Firm in 2020

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Stacy Blackman is pleased to announce that, once again, Crush the GRE has ranked us number one in its latest ranking of the best MBA admissions consultants! Six leading companies appear in this year’s ranking. But, SBC is the only firm that ticks off every...

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MBA Admissions Turn a Corner, Thanks to HBS…

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Amidst the angst, chaos, and exhaustion of the last rounds of 2020 MBA admissions disrupted and in many cases extended by the COVID-19 pandemic, a sign of new life, a ray of light… Normalcy never glowed so appealingly: Harvard Business School has announced its 2021 MBA...

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Top MBA + EMBA Programs for Entrepreneurs!

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Entrepreneurs, once a rarity in the MBA classroom, today  comprise a large and growing slice of the MBA student population. Top business schools, recognizing how prestige and corporate power has shifted toward founders over the last two decades, are upping their game and competing to...

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Stanford MBA Deadlines for 2020-2021

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Is the Stanford Graduate School of Business on your shortlist of target MBA programs? Then get ready to mark your calendar. The Stanford MBA deadlines for the 2020-2021 admissions season have been announced! Stanford MBA Deadlines Round 1 Application due: September 15, 2020 Decision released: December 10, 2020 Round 2 Application due:...

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