7 Ways to Make the Most of B-School Visits, Fairs & Receptions

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Applying to MBA programs in the fall? Then you’re probably planning to meet with MBA admissions committee members at various types of events – school visits, MBA fairs, school receptions, etc. – as part of that process. Adcom members are preparing for you as well. In...

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How to Clarify Your Goals for Your MBA – And Beyond

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Some applicants may be very clear about either the industry in which they want to work or the function or job title they’d like to have, but not always both. For example, you may be certain that you want to grow into a marketing executive...

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Is an MBA Worth It, or Is the Sky Falling Down on the MBA Degree? [Episode 346]

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Accepted founder Linda Abraham discusses when pursuing an MBA justifies its cost [Show Summary] Linda Abraham, Accepted’s founder and president explores the latest headlines about the value of an MBA. This is a must-listen for anyone trying to decide whether or not to get an MBA degree. Why...

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Round 3 Deadlines Are Coming. Are You Ready?

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Time rushes on – you get busy at work, and all of a sudden it’s 2020. If you either missed the early application rounds or didn’t get accepted at your target programs, you may be considering submitting applications during Round 3. But that comes...

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MBA Round 3: Should I Apply Now or Wait for Next Year?

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MBA round 3: Should I give it a shot, or wait for next year? The answer, as is often the case in MBA admissions, is…it depends. You didn’t think we’d give you a clear cut yes or no answer, did you? FACT: The chances of gaining acceptance decrease as...

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MBA Application Timeline: How to Get Accepted in 2020

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It’s time for my annual harangue/plea/rant. If you are planning to apply Round 1 in the fall, but have not yet thought about why you want an MBA, taken the GMAT/GRE, researched schools, or evaluated your qualifications, please please please keep reading. And then get started! I would...

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Can You Get Accepted to B-School in Round 3?

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Maybe you applied to business school in Round 1 and didn’t get accepted, and now you’re thinking about targeting some schools where your stats are more competitive in Round 3. Maybe you were overwhelmed at work and your plan to submit your application during Round...

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Yale School of Management EMBA Class of 2021 Profile

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Here is a look at Yale School of Management’s MBA for Executives Class of 2021, taken from the Yale School of Management website. Students enrolled: 74Average age: 37Average years of experience: 13Women: 36%Born outside the US: 22%With advanced degree: 41%Countries represented by citizenship: 11Non-US citizenship: 3% Applying to EMBA programs?Schedule a free discovery call to find...

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London Business School Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines [2019 – 2020]

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The LBS EMBA program goes beyond delivering necessary skills for senior managers; it is for managers who have a dynamic sense of their future and a willingness to change and grow; people who are open to being inspired. At the same time, the program reflects, and the adcom...

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Encore: Toronto Rotman MBA: The Spike Factor [Episode 344]

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In honor of the busy holiday and admissions season, we are presenting an encore of the most popular MBA interview of 2019, my interview with Toronto Rotman’s Director of Admissions and Recruitment, Imran Kanga. Obviously if you are interested in earning your MBA at Toronto Rotman,...

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