Top 6 Tips for Visiting Business Schools

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Now is a great time for business school applicants to visit their top choice programs – classes are in session, students and professors aren’t yet stressed by exams, recruiting may be in action, and the weather is warming up (well, in some places). While it's a...

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6 Fatal Resume Flaws to Avoid

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The MBA resume. Done right, this one-to-two-page list of accomplishments can woo the adcoms towards acceptance; done wrong, a resume could be your ticket to ding-hood. Here are 6 fatal mistakes to avoid when creating this important first-impression-making document: Fatal Resume Flaw #1: Viewing your resume...

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EMBA Employment and Career Services

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This is the fourth post in our Ace the EMBA series on how to apply successfully to a top executive MBA program.  Given today’s volatile business climate, almost everyone in the business world must continuously evaluate and recalibrate their career path, whether they are planning an imminent...

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Early Career Management and European MBA Programs with Jamie Wright [Episode 249]

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Our guest today is Jamie Wright. She grew up in California, started her career in PR in Chicago, and then crossed the pond in 2009 to become the Client Services Manager at London Business School’s then brand-new Masters in Management (MIM) program. Jamie rose to...

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4 Tips for Applying to Part-Time MBA Programs

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The extensive available advice about applying to MBA programs was largely created with applicants to full-time MBA programs in mind. If you are applying to part-time MBA programs, most of this advice will be pertinent for you as well. But there are some nuances to applying to part-time programs that...

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How to Practice for a Video Interview or Essay

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The future of the essay is now at a school near you: Smile, you might be on camera. More and more competitive programs are using ‘video essays’ or ‘timed video assessments’ as a way to get to know their future students. Typically, for a timed...

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Making Connections that Matter in Your MBA Essays

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Outstanding MBA application essays have several things in common. One of the most important among them is successfully making connections between your past and your present, and between your present and your future. The decision makers will want to see you make persuasive connections between...

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EMBA Program Variety

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This is the third post in our Ace the EMBA series on how to apply successfully to a top executive MBA program.  Once upon a time, EMBA programs primarily targeted and attracted managers working in local corporations. The typical EMBA schedule was every weekend or every other...

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NYU Stern Langone MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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The Stern Langone part-time MBA essays, together, cover “the whole you” – your professional side and your non-work side. And they require you to address both highly structured, specific questions (essays 1-2) in conventional written format and a relatively open, “free form” question (essay 3),...

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Applying to B-School Next Year? You Can’t Miss This!

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There’s still time to register for this week’s webinar, 7 Steps to MBA Acceptance in 2019! If you’re planning to apply to business school next fall or winter, what you do over the next several months could make or break your application. This is your...

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