How Do You Show Demonstrated Interest to MBA Programs?

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An article recently published by the Wall Street Journal recently reported that many undergraduate institutions are now tracking how quickly prospective students opened their emails, how long they kept them open, and whether they clicked on any of their links. They include these metrics in...

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Would You Benefit From a Mock Wharton Team-Based Discussion?

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“Chance favors the prepared mind,” said Louis Pasteur, and I agree. A successful Wharton Team-Based Interview is all about the team’s success and your contribution to the team. It’s not about strutting your stuff or dominating the conversation. It’s also not about being a wallflower or...

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So, You’re Applying to Business School with a Low GPA or GMAT Score?

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First, are your numbers really so bad? "Low numbers" for the purposes of this article, and for most applicants, are GMAT scores and GPAs at the lower end of or below the mid-80% range for a given school. It may be difficult to find average...

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Kaplan Test Prep Survey Reveals Drops in Applications to U.S. MBA Programs

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Kaplan Test Prep has been surveying business admissions officers for more than 10 years. These surveys provide MBA-hopefuls, as well as those involved in business school education, with the most current information about admissions. 2018 survey highlights The 2018 survey reveals something that top U.S. b-schools haven’t...

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Last Chance to Register: Get Accepted to INSEAD!

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Attention applicants: time is running out to register for our upcoming webinar, Get Accepted to INSEAD! This is your chance to get expert admissions guidance – all for free. Accepted’s founder, Linda Abraham, will share strategies you can put straight to work in your application, and...

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INSEAD MBA Criterion #4: Leadership Potential

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This is the last post in a 4-part series that examines INSEAD MBA’s admission criteria.  What is leadership potential? INSEAD is not unique among MBA programs in desiring leadership potential in applicants. All do. It is unique in how it characterizes leadership and leadership potential. The adcom has a two-pronged view...

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Northwestern Kellogg Announces New Dean

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President Morton Schapiro and Provost Jonathan Holloway have announced that Dr. Francesca Cornelli will begin her tenure as Northwestern Kellogg’s new dean on August 1, 2019. Prof. Cornelli will be replacing Kathleen Hagerty who has been serving as interim dean since September 1, 2018. Cornelli...

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Exploring London Business School’s Master’s in Analytics and Management [Episode 297]

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Interview with Gareth Howells, Executive Director of the MBA, MiF & Early Career Programmes at London Business School [Show Summary] Harvard Business Review declared in 2012 that being a data scientist is the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” Bloomberg Businessweek’s headline in May 2018 pronounced,...

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Round 3 vs Next Year: Your Roadmap

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If you missed our webinar Round 3 vs. Next Year: When Should You Apply? or if you attended but want to hear the advice again, you’re in luck: it’s now available on-demand for free! Guided by Accepted’s founder, Linda Abraham, you’ll learn what distinguishes Round 3...

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INSEAD MBA Criterion #3: Academic Capacity

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This is the third post in a 4-part series that examines INSEAD MBA’s 4 admission criteria.  The operative word in this criterion is capacity. This word conveys the adcom’s perspective on the academic component of the application: it’s dynamic, focusing on how you can grow and perform and achieve...

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