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Avoid Burnout During Your Application Process!

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At Gurufi, we've helped MBA applicants earn admission into their dream schools for nearly 20 years. The MBA application process can be both demanding and intense, requiring applicants to juggle…

One Big Tip for Stanford GSB’s Essay

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“What means most to you and why?” Stanford GSB’s first prompt provides a great way to think about my Rule #1 for Writing a Great Personal Statement: write more like…

How to (Ethically) Use ChatGPT In Your Personal Statement

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Universities are freaking out about ChatGPT. This text-generating AI system has been an intense topic of discussion within universities and especially their admissions departments. Already, many students are using ChatGPT…

Additional Factors for Your MBA R.O.I.

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After yesterday’s post on calculating ROI for various business schools, a reader contacted me and asked if there are other variables that I might include in an informal “calculation” of…

Twenty Tips for a Great Personal Statement

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I used to teach a summer seminar to aspiring MBA, law school, and college students about how to write a powerful personal statement. While transitioning my material to a new…

How to Think About the ROI of an MBA

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In a recent discussion I had with Andrea Flores from IE University in Madrid, we talked about the Return on Investment of an MBA. It was a fantastic discussion that…

Why Jargon Can KILL Your Personal Statement

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I often advise my clients to write like a human being, and NOT like a corporate video whose script was written by AI. What does this mean, concretely? Start by…