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Difficult Numerical Reasoning Questions

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The GMAT Data Insights section excels at creating problems that frustrate folks who try to get through math by memorizing formulas.   It excels at creating out-of-the-box problems that really demand…

Comparing Ratios on the GMAT

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Among other things, this post is a case study of an OG DS question: OG 12th Edition, Data Sufficiency Practice Problem #23 Here is the problem that appears in the…

GMAT Sample Data Sufficiency Practice Questions

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Unlike Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency is a question-type unique to the GMAT.  Data Sufficiency is part of the Data Insights section on the GMAT. GMAT Data Sufficiency Practice Questions 1.…

GMAT Tricks with Systems of Equations

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Many GMAT test-takers vaguely remember a rule from high school, that it’s possible to solve for two variables if and only if you’re given two equations, and generally that it’s…

Data Insights Questions: Graphics Interpretation

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There are twelve practice questions in this set. You should feel free to use a calculator here because an on-screen calculator will be available during the Data Insights section. The…

Guide to GMAT Data Insights

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Data Insights (DI) was introduced in 2023 when GMAC released a new version of the GMAT. Your performance on the Data Insights section will account for one third of your…

Eight Tips for Starting Your MBA Application

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It’s spring, so MBA applicants looking to submit in R1 2024 have begun the process of building their applications. At Gurufi, we’ve helped thousands of applicants earn admission to their…

GMAT Test Dates | 2024-2025 and Beyond!

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Both in-person and at-home GMAT test dates are available to test-takers this year—and both at-home and at a test center. In this post, we’ve covered some more vital information about…

GMAT Test Dates: 2024 and Beyond!

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Over 7,700 programs at around 2,400 graduate business schools globally accept the GMAT as part of their MBA admission criteria, making the test highly popular. If you plan to take…