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GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Strategies for Top Business Schools

By - Apr 5, 07:58 AM   Comments [0]

MBA Prep School co-founder Tyler Cormney teamed up with his HBS classmate, Ajay Singh, from on a live webinar discussing GMAT prep, GMAT study plans, MBA application strategies and how to stand out while applying to the top business schools.

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Complete Program for Getting into Your Dream School

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This video outlines MBA Prep School's complete program for getting into your dream school. We provide specific, actionable advice on where to focus at each step of your application journey, whether you are still 12+ months away from applying or racing to the finish line...

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By - Dec 5, 23:07 PM   Comments [0]

MBA Prep School is pleased to announce the launch of a free version of our leading, online MBA application preparation course, MBA Prep School Digital. Our self-paced, on demand course for MBA candidates will help you develop a winning MBA application strategy and compose compelling...

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(Insert School Here) Is My Dream School!

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For many MBA candidates, one of the most challenging questions to answer in the interview is the dreaded, 'So what other schools are you applying to?' Or some variation on that theme.

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Top Reasons to Apply to Duke Fuqua

By - Aug 24, 23:13 PM   Comments [0]

By Russell Davis, MBA Prep School As the former Associate Director of Admissions at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and now an MBA Prep School Admissions Consultant, I’ve had many conversations with current students and alumni on what they valued most about their time at...

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Why MBAs need to stay well versed across the whole business spectrum

By - Jan 7, 15:27 PM   Comments [0]

Companies hiring MBA students are looking to hire the future leaders of the firm. They want the candidate that will turn into the next executive, the next partner, or the next managing director. They commit a substantial amount of money, time and resources to recruit...

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Webinar Replay: Getting Accepting into Columbia and Chicago Booth as a Finance Applicant

By - Nov 20, 17:29 PM   Comments [0]

Erin Hale and Faisal Khan delivered a fantastic webinar that was full of advice on how to separate yourself from the rest of the finance industry herd. And yes, you are part of the herd! For a limited period of time, receive $500 off a comprehensive...

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Chicago Booth Essay Question: 2015 Analysis and Advice

By - Aug 3, 00:02 AM   Comments [0]

This July 2015, Chicago Booth MBA Admissions announced that the program would no longer use its classic “Who Are You?” question, thereby retiring the essay that had defined the Booth application process for seven years. This year’s applicants choose from sixteen iconic and emblematic Chicago Booth...

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Retooling Your Resume for MBA Applications

By - Jul 9, 10:19 AM   Comments [0]

If updating your resume for your MBA applications is one of the last items on your application checklist, it’s time to reorder your priorities! The resume’s significance in the MBA admissions process cannot be overstated, and, with fewer essays, the resume’s importance is only growing....

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Why Stanford is winning the talent war for the best MBA applicants

By - Jun 22, 00:46 AM   Comments [0]

Every year, the world’s top business schools are engaged in an all-out talent war for the best MBA applicants on the market. To win over the most desirable students to their campuses, the elite schools employ alumni as ambassadors, tout their school’s programs and faculty,...

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