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Who Should Work with an MBA Consultant?

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Spring is in the air, and that means SBC is experiencing the usual annual surge of B-school aspirants looking to get matched with an MBA consultant and start their months-long…

How to Ace Your Deferred MBA Interview

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Embarking on the journey towards a deferred MBA program like Harvard 2+2, Chicago Booth Scholars, or UVA Darden’s Future Year Scholars Program is an exciting yet challenging endeavor for college…

GMAC 2024 Prospective Students Survey

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AI, Inclusion, and Sustainability Matter to Prospective MBA Students In the aftermath of a tumultuous year marked by global conflicts, economic instability, and technological disruptions, there’s a noticeable uptick in…

MBA Applicants, Listen Up: Perfection Not Required

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There’s no such thing as a “perfect” B-school candidate. It’s far more common for MBA applicants to have some form of “weakness” or “flaw” they must address head-on in their…

Advantages of Studying Abroad During Your MBA

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How important are travel and education experiences abroad to achieving success in the global economy? That’s almost a trick question since the answer is a resounding v-e-r-y. The ability to…

US News MBA Rankings Best Business Schools in 2024

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After two years perched at the top of the heap, the Chicago Booth School of Business slipped slightly in the latest US News MBA rankings of the best business schools…

Why You Need a Personal MBA Soundbite

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Admissions officers and employers often make up their minds about an applicant during the first few moments of a conversation. That’s why starting on your best foot in a compelling,…