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Helpful articles and questions tested in Sentence Correction section of GMAT Verbal

Your Dream MBA: 5 Steps to Getting In Webinar Series

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The leaders in the MBA admissions space—mbaMission and Manhattan Prep —are coming together to make sure you will be ready for the 2017–2018 MBA admissions season. Join us for a…

GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 14)

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Math (PS) If , then the sum of all possible solutions for is: A. B. C. D. E. Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - D - (click and drag…

GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 13)

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Math (DS) Between 12:24 and 14:36 the hour hand of the clock turns by A. 60 degrees B. 66 degrees C. 72 degrees D. 74 degrees E. 76 degrees Question…

GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 10)

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Math (PS) Set consists of a certain number of even integers divisible by 3. Is standard deviation of positive? (1) All elements of set are positive. (2) The range of…

GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 9)

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Math (PS) A draining pipe can empty a pool in 4 hours. On a rainy day, when the pool is full, the draining pipe is opened and the pool is…

GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 8)

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Math (DS) A sphere is inscribed in a cube with an edge of centimeters. In terms of x what is the shortest possible distance from one of the vertices of…

GMAT Question of the Day (Oct 3)

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Math (PS) What is the product of three consecutive integers? (1) At least one of the integers is positive. (2) The sum of the integers is less than 6. Question…