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Blog entries by Admissionado, a GMAT Club partner.

To Learn or to Leap: Should I Take a Gap Year? 

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So, you’re thinking about taking a gap year? You’re not alone. Many colleges and universities are starting to advertise this option on their websites – even Malia Obama took one! …

Is College Worth It In 2023? An Honest Option

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Higher education is being put through the wringer in the toughest evaluation it has had in decades. Students, parents, teachers as well as journalists, economists, scientists, politicians – everyone is…

Questions to Ask Colleges on Tours

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First off, if you’re a parent and reading this, we have one important piece of advice for you when you start touring colleges with your student… Don’t be “that parent”……

The Balancing Act: How Many Extracurriculars Should I Have?

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There’s no denying how important extracurriculars are when it comes to a student’s college application.  They help students gain leadership skills, show their eagerness to engage in their communities, and…

ACT vs SAT: Which Test Should I Take and Why?

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High school is full of choices, such as which classes to take, which extracurricular activities to partake in, and which future schools to apply to. Some of these choices will…

Are AP Classes Worth it: The Impact on College Admissions

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The AP (Advanced Placement) Program is administered by the College Board (the same folks who cook up the SATs) and is technically considered a college-level curriculum.  Some courses are a…

The BEST Extracurricular Activities for College Applications

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What sort of extracurriculars are college admissions committees really looking for? Which ones are right for you? Here’s why extracurriculars are so important for getting into college, and how they…

The Ultimate Guide to FAFSA and Paying For College

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While there isn’t much good news when it comes to college tuition costs, there is one bright spot: you probably won’t have to pay the sticker price. Almost all U.S.…

GMAT™ Focus Edition Announced: What It Means For You

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By Stefan Maisnier This March, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) announced the biggest change to the GMAT in decades – a new GMAT Focus Edition. This new admissions exam…