Why More Indonesian Students Are Leaving Home to Study Abroad

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Jakarta is booming. Changing. Stretching. Anyone who’s stepped foot in Indonesia’s capital in the last five years can see this immediately. The skyscrapers seem to keep springing up out of nowhere and green-helmeted motorcycle taxis have converged upon the streets in great number. Things are on...

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6 Personal Finance Tips for MBA Students

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Life as an MBA student isn’t easy. Between keeping up with your studies and classes, trying to plan for a career and carving out a little space for your social life, there often isn’t much time left to go around. It’s easy to fall into...

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3 Data-Driven Tips for Indians Applying to Top-50 US MBA Programs

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We’ve done a LOT of apps around here (over 30,000!), and many of those are for applicants from India. More specifically, they’re for… dun dun dun… the infamous “Indian IT Males.” Of course, Indian males who work in IT are all lovely people! Great guys, really....

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How To Get More Women In MBA Programs

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The trends hold true in both the C-Suite and business school — there still aren’t enough women. That’s why MBA programs are scrambling to attract more female candidates and searching for more effective ways to do it. Efforts to attract high-caliber candidates include adapting to the...

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10 Undeniably Awesome Ways An MBA Can Change Your Life

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If you’re thinking about business school, there’s going to be a moment when you find yourself wondering what you’ll actually learn there, and even, whether or not you really need an MBA. Since, chances are, you’re going to be spending some serious cash, these are valid concerns. Business school is an...

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MBA Waitlist Strategy: How To Get Off The List

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“Oh no, I’ve been waitlisted!” This is a natural first reaction, but you should change your outlook to “Oh yes! I’ve been waitlisted!” because being waitlisted is actually a great scenario to be in. It means the school you applied to is interested in you, your profile is...

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5 Ways To Pay For An MBA

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Your dream came true! You got into the MBA program of your choice! You’re already fantasizing about the stock options you will get as a CEO, and the amazing opportunities you will have. There’s only one little thing to sort out… you’re going to need to...

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Grad School: Better In Your Thirties?

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When it comes to timing the grad school plunge, students often find that it’s beneficial to wait a few years. Many graduate programs favor applicants with career experience, offering benefits like a GMAT waiver if you meet certain criteria. In addition, since graduate school can...

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Everything You Need To Know To Ace The MBA Interview

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Is the MBA interview really that important? Yes it is! Interviews are the final piece of the puzzle. The admissions committee has all the numbers, the accolades, the resume, and the recommendations, but what they don’t yet have an up-close-and-personal understanding of YOU. The interview is your...

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Acing the GMAT: The 4-Step Plan

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Folks, there is so much info out there about how to prepare for the GMAT. Here at Admissionado, we like to keep it simple… because it is! Here are four commonsense tips for planning your GMAT preparation. Get started early. Study lots. Diversify your study methods. Test early. 1. Get started...

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