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  In our days as admissions directors at Wharton and INSEAD (respectively), we read many a terrific application that was undermined, lamentably, by a careless or sloppy error signaling a rush job. In the highly competitive process of MBA admissions, your thoughtful preparation matters. It’s not enough...

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MBA Financing Myths

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Working in college finance for the past 17 years, I have heard just about every rumor out there in terms of how to get a deal on your degree. MBA candidates, in particular, tend to have a mind for finance and are acutely aware of making...

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6 Tips On Asking A Business School For More Money

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  Negotiations play a large role in the world of business, and the art of the deal will – no doubt – be a subject of much discussion during your MBA program. And while your negotiation skills will surely improve over the course of your studies, you...

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Choosing Between MBA Admissions Offers

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Are you in the rare and enviable position of receiving offers from two of your dream schools? Maybe you’ve been offered a sizable scholarship, but not from your top choice program. Deciding whether to accept an offer from a safety school or apply again in...

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Top 4 Tips for Financing your MBA

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If you’re applying to MBA programs, it’s probably not a surprise that it is a major financial commitment. Not only will you forgo two years of potential earnings, but you’ll also have to pay for accommodations, supplies and tuition. On average, this means giving up approximately...

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One Action That Will Dramatically Improve Your MBA Application

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Making good on a new year’s resolution that’s truly life-changing takes both courage and introspection. If yours is to apply for an MBA this year, you’ll also need determination and a great strategy to develop your business school application. If you begin now, you have about...

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How to Ace the HBS Interview: An Insider’s Advice

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You have just 30 minutes to impress the HBS Admissions Committee in your MBA interview. Here’s what the school is looking for, along with six top tips to make the best possible impression. (Update: HBS Interview Prep is among the new special services offered by Fortuna Admissions.) Last...

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FT MBA Rankings 2018 Analysis: Triumphs & Surprises

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Stanford‘s ascent to #1 in the FT Global MBA Ranking 2018 is sure to make headlines. GSB graduates are reporting remarkable salary figures – the first time a b-school has published average alumnus salary over $200k three years after graduation, so this result isn’t surprising. The...

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MBA Resume Best Practices (part 2): Four critical dos and don’ts

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This second article in a two-part series on Crafting a Standout Resume for the MBA Application highlights essential dos and don’ts every applicant should know. Most applicants are too modest in their resume because they don’t want to “brag.” But taking the time to reflect, then...

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How to Craft a Stand-out Resume for Your MBA Application

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Let’s face it: Chances are that there’s someone applying to your target school with the same job title. Applying to a top tier business school means you’ll be competing with many high-achieving wunderkinds with like profiles, especially if you happen to be working in consulting, tech...

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