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Posts published in “Bschool Life”

Posts about the latest happenings in business school campuses, student life, and experiences of MBA students

Twenty Tips for a Great Personal Statement

Gurufi 0

I used to teach a summer seminar to aspiring MBA, law school, and college students about how to write a powerful personal statement. While transitioning my material to a new…

How to Think About the ROI of an MBA

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In a recent discussion I had with Andrea Flores from IE University in Madrid, we talked about the Return on Investment of an MBA. It was a fantastic discussion that…

Three Tips for CVs that get noticed!

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A CV (or curriculum vitae) or resume is a written statement of your educational and professional accomplishments. It's an important facet of your job hunt that may make you stand…

Haas- Insider Information

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We interviewed people on admission boards at the top schools, do you don't have to! We found out everything you need to know and combined it into one article for…