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How to Make Your Resume “MBA Ready”

By - Jun 19, 16:51 PM   Comments [0]

The resume you used to get your last job is not the one you will use to apply to business school. I know – it’s frustrating. You spent hours getting it right to go out into the job market, only to find that you’re going...

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Which Apps are Out? MBA Deadlines & Essays

By - Jun 12, 11:24 AM   Comments [0]

Over the last few weeks, several of the top MBA programs have released their application deadlines and essay topics for the 2019-2020 season. Below we’ve summarized what’s out so far so you can stay on top of it.  Remember, when to apply matters. Early action programs...

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Should You Apply Round 1 or Wait for Round 2?

By - Jun 11, 12:17 PM   Comments [0]

HBS is due in 13 weeks. This is the time of year when many applicants realize that the crazy project from work, your wedding planning, or whatever else has been a major time commitment has left you feeling pressed for time in what is actually...

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Are You Behind? Your Round 1 Application Plan

By - Jun 3, 14:59 PM   Comments [0]

If you’re planning to apply to an MBA program round 1, it’s go-time! Many schools have already released essay topics and deadlines, so hopefully you already have a strong application strategy and personal brand that you’re leveraging to start thinking about how to approach one...

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How to Develop Your Personal Brand

By - May 22, 07:14 AM   Comments [0]

An insightful applicant asked me last week “when have you seen an applicant fail?” I love this question. And as I thought about the applicants who had come to us asking for an assessment of what went wrong last year, there was one thing their...

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These 3 Bullets Should Be On Your MBA Resume

By - May 13, 13:37 PM   Comments [0]

As you’re applying to business school, your resume is like your executive summary: it should concisely tell the story of how you’ve grown and developed over the course of your career as well as provide an indication of your focus areas and motivations. However, not...

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A Winning Approach to the HBS Essay Question

By - May 6, 21:53 PM   Comments [0]

At first glance, the Harvard Business School essay question, which will remain unchanged again this year, seems fairly simple. What more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy? However, after giving it some more thought, many candidates find themselves quite lost,...

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Want to Show That You’re a Leader? Try Being Vulnerable

By - Apr 23, 11:30 AM   Comments [0]

Picture this:  in an interview you’re asked a question about something that went wrong in a past job. Instead of simply explaining what happened, you find yourself shamelessly spinning a story about how you had a feeling all along that whatever “it” was would fail...

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For the Ladies: it’s Not “We”, it’s “Me” for Your MBA Applications

By - Apr 23, 10:18 AM   Comments [0]

It’s not “we” it’s “me”. For the ladies out there, repeat that one again to yourself. For a large portion of the women I work with each year who are applying to the top MBA programs, at some point in the process we talk about the...

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Which MBA Program is Right for You? Use Our MBA Fit Tool to Find Out!

By - Apr 17, 04:00 AM   Comments [0]

  Selecting an MBA program to apply to is about more than just rankings and scores. Your “fit” with a particular program and school – both in terms of what you’re looking for and what they’re looking for – is extremely important. Use our MBA Fit...

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