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Decoding Your Undergraduate Transcript for MBA Admissions

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Key Takeaways The adcom looks at more than just your cumulative GPA when reviewing your undergraduate transcript. They scan it line-by-line. They will be looking for evidence that you can…

Am I Too Young for a Top MBA Program? Or Too Old?

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Age is just a number, right? We’d certainly like to think so. However, if you’re considering applying to business school, you’ve likely come across the class profile for your target…

Who Gets into Stanford GSB?

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You may have seen this article on Poets & Quants, which shared some eye-opening data from our peer firm, Fortuna Admissions, about who gets into Stanford GSB and Harvard Business…

How to Ace Your MBA Interview

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We’re in the thick of interview season for Round 2 applicants!  If you’re among this group, first of all, congrats on making it to this stage. You’re well on your…

The M7 Business Schools: A Comprehensive Guide

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If applying to business school is on your radar (or perhaps you’re already in the process of doing so), you’ve likely come across the somewhat mysterious term ‘M7’. What is…