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Is Your GMAT Good Enough for a Top MBA Program?

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If we had a dollar for every person who asked us what schools they can get into based on their GMAT score, well, we’d be answering that question from our 200-foot yacht while the staff brought us cocktails and fanned us with palms. Same goes...

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The “Wharton Difference” And Fit With The Program

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The Wharton MBA adcom offers you some help in shaping your Wharton application – by clearly and succinctly defining the four core components of “the Wharton difference.”  Understanding these components is a key to conveying your fit with the program. These four components are encompassed in...

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School Profile: Wharton

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– written by Preethi Ann Thomas Someone once remarked, “Law was the instrument of social change in the twentieth century, but if you want to change the world in the twenty-first century, get an MBA.” Leading this movement of change since its establishment in 1881 is The Wharton...

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Columbia Business School MBA Application Essay Tips

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Columbia Business School is highly concerned about fit and your knowledge of the program. New York City is another aspect of the school that pervades its culture and defines some of the unique opportunities of the program. Thorough school research is crucial to your preparation...

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Choosing From Multiple Business School Acceptances

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“Choosing From Multiple Business School Acceptances” is the final post in our series Navigate the MBA Maze. You’ve been accepted at two solid schools. Great! Or, you’ve been offered admission to an OK school with a significant scholarship and your #1 choice with no  financial aid. Or,...

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MBA Application Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

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MBA Application Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1 With the new 2015-2016 MBA application season underway, many of you are just getting started with your business school applications. But before you get too far along, we’d like to make you aware of some of the common...

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MBA Your Resume

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First, the (kinda) bad news: it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use the current version of your resume for your business school applications. In fact, you’re probably going to want to spend a significant amount of time on a complete resume overhaul. But the good...

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MBA Admissions Decisions: Should You Go Full-Time Or Part-Time?

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When I was applying to b-school, I contemplated part-time vs. full-time, and one of my best friends, Colleen, had to make the same decision at the same time. Ultimately, I decided to attend the full-time program at the University of Michigan. Colleen decided to attend a...

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UC Berkeley Haas 2016 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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The supplemental information that Haas requests is almost unchanged. The essays are different from last years. For #1 they returned to an essay question two years ago. And for #2, they give you a choice of prompts. My tips are in blue below. Essays: At Berkeley-Haas, we seek...

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Short And Sweet: Tips For Writing “Mini” MBA Essays

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What is an admission committee’s message, intent, behind limiting an “essay” answer to 100, 200, or 300 characters? Just the facts, please. In fact, just the key facts. No adornment, no backstory, no extended rationale. Columbia Business School has had such a goals question for a few...

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