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Why U.S. Applicants Should Consider MBA Programs Abroad

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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, tomorrow’s business professionals will need to develop an adaptive mindset that allows them to successfully navigate a variety of markets, languages and cultures. We’ve seen a lot of growth lately in the range of international full-time, part-time and executive MBA...

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How to Use Free Advice for Your MBA Applications

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From free consultations with admissions consultants, “ask” forums, peer evaluations, and webinars, to the endless supply of interview reports, and school presentations, there is a ton of free stuff out there to help you on your MBA journey. Here’s how to make the most out of...

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MIT Sloan Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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These essay questions show that MIT seeks applicants who have the judgment and practical skills to take on the challenges that will fly at them as they re-define industries and functions. It admits applicants who push the boundary of what’s possible and exercise “principled leadership”...

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Surviving Your First MBA Admissions ‘Ding’

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A few weeks ago, Harvard Business School sent out the balance of its Round 1 interview invitations—followed by “release” notices to the majority of applicants. That means thousands of MBA hopefuls around the world recently received their first big fat DING. While some people are able...

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How Thought Bubbles Conquer Clichés In Your Essays

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This may very well be the single most common concern of hopeful MBA applicants… “Is talking about (x) in my application essays going to come across as too cliché?” And we usually have a very simple answer for that question: “If you think you’ve gone and sparked up something...

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London Business School MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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London Business School boasts one of the most diverse student bodies, with 92% of its 400+ students hailing from a total of 69 countries outside of England. If you are looking for a globally focused MBA program in a city bursting with culture, finance, and...

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How Stanford GSB’s Latest Fellowship is Reshaping Applicants’ Career Goals

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“Stanford will pay you to attend its business school-but only if you agree to work in the Midwest.”(Business Insider, September 27, 2016) This is likely the most intriguing statement we have heard in years.  As MBA admissions consultants we talk to our clients consistently about post...

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Interview Advice from MIT Sloan

By - Oct 28, 11:49 AM   Comments [0]

Round 1 applicants, get ready for your interviews! Whether you’ve already received an interview invitation or are hoping to get an invite over the next few weeks, you want to make sure you’re prepared to do your best when the big day arrives. With that in mind,...

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Ask the AdCom: What’s a Can’t-Miss Course?

By - Oct 27, 12:32 PM   Comments [0]

Hey everybody! We’re back with another installment of “Ask the AdCom,” where we share a wide range of tips and advice from admissions team members from a dozen top business schools. Since AdCom members are human, too, we know our readers will enjoy seeing  a different side of what makes...

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Connections Count. And You Can Create Them.

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When working with clients who are applying to graduate programs, I often observe that they focus 100% of their energy on perfecting their resume and essays. Written documents are critical components of a successful application, as are standardized test scores and college grades. What can differentiate...

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