Kaplan: Out with the old, in with the Integrated Reasoning

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By Lucas Weingarten While I’m not certain GMAC is adequately addressing its competition, I do want to throw laurels where deserved. So, props, GMAC, for attempting to make your test more relevant. In this Inside Higher Ed article, the reporter discusses this push for increased relevance...

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Business School Application Deadlines and Dates

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Round 1 Business School Application Deadlines & Notification Dates University Application Deadline Notification Date Harvard Business School The Wharton School Columbia Business School Yale Business School Stanford School of Business Chicago Booth School of...

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Kaplan: Most selective business schools forced to select more applicants

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Kaplan GMAT Blog: Lucas Weingarten Less people are applying to most of the nation’s top business schools. Heck, less people are applying to business school, period (although, compared to other grad programs, b-school applications look strong). Bloomberg Businessweek posted an article discussing the decline...

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How to define your GMAT strategy and create you study plan

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Do any of these resonate with you? I am starting my preparation and would like to know how to create an efficient study plan. My Verbal score in my preliminary diagnostic has been very low. How much time should I plan for to hit 40 on Verbal. I...

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Invisible Hand Pt. 3

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By Lucas Weingarten Legendary venture capitalist, the world’s 540th richest person, and current member of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, John Doerr, once remarked, “Every single day, we dump 70 million tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere like it’s an open sewer, like it’s...

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Invisible Hand Pt. 2

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By Lucas Weingarten In my previous post, I answered a question which I had posed in the post before it (Invisible Hand Pt. 1 and Sustainability?) Perhaps it’s best to take a moment to read those posts. After all, that could help what comes...

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Don’t Let the Numbers Fool You

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With some outlets recently reporting that your chances of getting into a top-ranked MBA program have improved since last year, we want to revisit an idea that we wrote about more than a year ago. In a nutshell, whether application numbers are up or down...

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Breaking Down Two Minutes: Time Management Within a GMAT Problem

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This article, written by Abby Pelcyger and Stacey Koprince, was adapted from our upcoming book, The GMAT Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day. The full book will be available mid-November. You won’t correctly answer every Quant problem on the GMAT in the allotted time. Even 99th...

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Invisible Hand Pt. 1

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By Lucas Weingarten On March 9, 1776, four months before the United States declared its independence from the British Empire, a Scottish economist by the name of Adam Smith published a seminal work in economic theory titled, “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the...

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By Lucas Weingarten Regardless of your politics, it is imminently clear that the environment and business collide in various ways. On the one hand, companies and their managers operate with the best of intentions with the ultimate goal ever-present in the decisions that are made,...

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