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A recent Atlantic exploration found four vacuum tubes in the middle of [#permalink]
DarkHorse2019 wrote:
A recent Atlantic exploration found four vacuum tubes in the middle of the ocean. These vacuum tubes were similar to those used in industrial and commercial radios. Given the lack of supporting evidence, historians turned to radiology dating, which estimated that these vacuum tubes belong to the 1910s. Based on this evidence, historians claim that these vacuum tubes belonged to a plane involved in the war in the 1910s.

Meaning Derived -
Facts - (100 % Acceptable as per passage - No debate ) ;)
1) 4 vacuum tubes in the middle of the ocean
2) Vacuum tubes similar to used in industrial and commercial radios.
3) Radiology Dating -> Estimated Vacuum tubes belong to the 1910's (1910 - 1919)

Conclusion by Historians - Vacuum tubes belonged to a plane involved in the war in the 1910s.

DarkHorse2019 wrote:
Which of the following, if true, would provide the most support to the historians' argument?

Okay so now we need to support the above conclusion

Lets look at D and E first, those options are playing with your existing history knowledge :roll:

DarkHorse2019 wrote:
D) There is documented evidence that several planes crashed over the Atlantic during the Great War.
E) The Great War involving numerous nations and an extraordinary number of fighter planes has occurred during the 1910s.

Now if you see closely, can you see GREAT. What on earth is great doing here. I think the answer options are trying to play with you by making you remember from your existing history knowledge - First World War. But remmeber guys, 1st WW was from (1914-19) and here we are saying 1910's, which includes 1910, 1911,1912 and 1913 also when there may be smaller wars but no Great War. Such options we should be very careful with and should be eliminated as soon as detected

Hence D and E are straight out.

Next, lets look at A. It is again talking about a time period and I can see a 1914 there as well. Oh man, this is getting interesting. The answers are mostly build around the World War :cool:

DarkHorse2019 wrote:
A) The kind of vacuum tubes discovered in the exploration have never been used in planes between 1914 and 1926.

Okay so, 1914 - 1926, but again as per above stated facts, we are considering 1910's, which inlcudes 1910 to 1913 as well.
Maybe the planes were carrying vacuum tubes uptil 1913 and post that, because of some technical or requiremental or even war specific issues, the planes stopped carrying these vacuum tubes. But till 1913, which is part of 1910's, they we were carrying these tubes and one of them crashed or dropped these in the oceans. Who knows :P
Now only two options left (Phew !!!)
Now lets look at Option C. I admit this was a close one to the correct answer B

DarkHorse2019 wrote:
C) 10 years ago, the Blackbox of a plane belonging to the 1910s was also found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Okay. Now this option gives us a 50-50 % chance. Why you ask.
Because, the plane having the discovered blackbox, which is definetely from a plane of 1910's, could be a plane either carrying these vacuum boxes or maybe not. It could also be a earlier plane that was not capable of carrying these tubes, let alone 4.

Hence this answer choice, although does not oppose, does not strenghten our conclusion.

Hence by POE, we can see only B remains and it also is the best strengthener out of the lot.
DarkHorse2019 wrote:
B) Planes in the 1910s had the provision to carry more than three vacuum tubes.

Hope this post is helpful :)
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A recent Atlantic exploration found four vacuum tubes in the middle of [#permalink]
I was able to eliminate A and E but couldn't eliminate others. Can someone please help me with that?
B - so planes can carry more than 3 vacuum tubes. But does it mean that they did carry? And also they flew over the Atlantic? How is this strengthening?
C - those shows that a plane did end up in the Atlantic. However, again so what if a plane did end up in the Atlantic? What if it was not capable to carry vacuum tubes?
D - Again same as C. Confirms that a plane did end up there but this doesn't imply that the plane has tubes.
I know that strengtheners don't have to be necessarily true but if they are true then they should make the conclusion stronger. In this case, either of the above choices is making the conclusion strong (and leaving few gaps as well). How can we eliminate C & D and choose B as the answer?

Also, is it wrong to consider the Great war referring to the war mentioned in the stimulus? (I guess so but need expert advise)

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: A recent Atlantic exploration found four vacuum tubes in the middle of [#permalink]
Hello from the GMAT Club VerbalBot!

Thanks to another GMAT Club member, I have just discovered this valuable topic, yet it had no discussion for over a year. I am now bumping it up - doing my job. I think you may find it valuable (esp those replies with Kudos).

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Re: A recent Atlantic exploration found four vacuum tubes in the middle of [#permalink]
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