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Re: ­Businessperson: Because the parking area directly in front of the bui [#permalink]
mrfrantic wrote:
Can anyone explain why B is not an answer?

­I am sharing my reasoning below - 
Option B suggests, "Were any other of the meeting attendees also late to the meeting because they had difficulty finding parking?" If we select this, we assume that other meeting attendees were parking in the same parking lot, which our guys say was closed on D-day. However, the premise doesn't mention that. The premise talks only about the reason our guy is giving for his delay. 

Evaluate option B - "There were other meeting attendees who were delayed because they couldn't find the parking space." - which parking zone were they going to park in? (we don't know that). Hence, it doesn't affect the argument. 

Now, coming to the premise—when our guys say, "I was late to my meeting. If the maintenance had been done on a different day, I would have gotten to the meeting on time." Here, he is assuming that if there had been no maintenance, he could have easily gotten a parking space. Maybe he has a reserved spot there; we don't know.

So, to evaluate this, let's consider option C - "What are the parking patterns in the building's vicinity on days when the parking area in front of the building is open?" if we know the details of this, we could be able to comprehend what our guy suggests is correct or misleading. This option will help us understand the parking pattern on regular days. Hence, this is the correct answer. I hope this helps. 
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Re: ­Businessperson: Because the parking area directly in front of the bui [#permalink]
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