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Highly recommended - Booth interview prep and Waitlist help


GMAT 710, GPA 3-64, East European male, Analyst at Big-3 management consultancy.
I enrolled in one full Interview Prep session, which included a mock interview in the style of Booth, followed by a comprehensive feedback session. The session was scheduled for 2 hours and 30 minutes; we ended up going for 3 hours and 45 minutes.

This experience greatly deepened my insights about interview process and helped me structure my mind and my story. I was able to communicate key ideas in top-down way and Greg helped me shape my ideas in an easy to digest way.

I signed up for this session because of an expected beyond average level of care. My hopes were fully fulfilled: I received unparalleled help in terms of amount of structured frameworks and of tailored support – Greg a great length to support me – well beyond expected hours and to much greater personalization.
It included extra time, emails before and after, examples, results of research, specificity and attention to detail during interview prep, similarity of the style to the real Booth interview.
I felt much better prepared than to any previous interview.
Result was a very personal and friendly engaging interview with a top manager of an India oil and gas corporation. My interview was very happy to see “Booth” mindset and other aspects of “fit”. I am waiting for the final words from the AdCom.

The result of my effort was a waitlist. And I am very passionate about support Greg provided to me. I worked on Booth waitlist updates in 2 stages - video update and written update.

Video update - a core requirement of Booth. I worked with him in a couple of steps - 1)Brainstorm 2) First draft 3)Second draft. During the brainstorm, Greg helped me pick those themes and topics, which matter for the school the most, focused me on how to create a story and develop content. It was extremely important, because a video is only 60 seconds, so I needed to make every work count. During the review of my first draft, Greg pressed me to dig deeper and deeper in terms of specificity and authenticity and uniqueness: how my values map to those of school, how to add details about examples and learning, what special value I see in Booth and how my knowledge and background would uniquely contribute to Booth. During the last step, Greg helped me decrease a whole video essay with 500 words to a 60-second video script, add flavor and style to words, and helped the language flow easily and words sound simple.

After a month, we worked on the next update - Written Letter. I connected with many students to discuss how I can contribute to clubs and what will be most impactful. Additionally, I gathered a couple of anecdotes about the experience of Booth MBA. Greg helped me turn this information into 1000 words essay, teaming with extremely specific content about how my long-term goals and Booth academics uniquely match each other and how my passions are connected to Booth community. Greg helped me find and polish examples, develop details, change wording, clean structure and make my story more coherent with vales of Booth.

Greg spent countless hours over the requested amount of services because of his passion to help. He honestly wanted me to enter Booth, thus he continues to review my texts, polish and clean them without additional payment. His effort to go an extra mile turn my written update into something special.

And I fully recommend him as great partner in waitlist process because of his passion and knowledge of business schools.

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