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Product Avanti Prep Package

Consultant Greg Guglielmo

Asian Male (International)
GPA: 3.5 from Top 20 U.S. university
GMAT: 740

Why I chose Avanti Prep:
Speaking with friends attending M7 schools, I noticed all of them had used MBA consultants... so I decided to follow the trend.

I scheduled more than five calls with different firms to assess my profile. Most of the consultants barely looked at the details of my profile and superficially jumped to the conclusion that M7 would be pretty difficult. After talking to a handful of consultants and only having Greg's call left, I had pretty much made up my mind about signing up with the most premium consulting firm. I thought this would be the safer choice.

But... when I got on the call with Greg, my mind changed. He started asking me questions about my career moves and background and really dived into the details. He then discussed with me the strategy and how to bring my unique stories to life. I felt like the other consultants were just inputting me into their cookie-cutter framework by looking at my stats, whereas Greg was trying to really get to the crux of my value and uniqueness.

Working with Greg:
I signed up for the Tier 3 package for 4 schools originally and then added 5 additional schools. Greg was exceptional and truly transformational in all aspects: selecting schools, helping me contemplate my background and connecting the dots, ideation of goals, resume, essays, and everything else.

Greg has a keen sense where he can really squeeze the best personal and professional stories out of you, and he teaches you to deliver them in a way that really resonates with the reader. He was always readily available, and I felt as if he was a good mentor and a friend I had known for a while. We would talk about non-MBA-related stuff as well. Although the MBA process was gruesome, and I do not ever want to do it again, it was awesome working with him -- I honestly could not have done it without him.

Interview Prep:
Also, I cannot thank Greg enough for the interview preparation. I'm the kind of guy who loves to just "wing it," but Greg really coached me on the best practices and tremendously improved my interview skills. The interview preparation was super tailored to each school and to me.

Greg’s feedback was on-point, and he really helped me nail all the different kinds of interviews, plus the HBS post-interview reflection essay, Booth interview video, and LBS mini-case. I remember for my last interview, I had lost all motivation, but he helped me push through to the end.

I will let the results speak for themselves. I received invitations for interviews from 6 out of the 9 schools (M7, Lauder, LBS.) Of the 6 interviews, I was accepted to HBS, Wharton, Lauder, LBS, and Booth, and I received scholarships for 2 schools. The final result is a dream come true.

Greg was awesome, and I really don't think I could have accomplished this without him. I also want to take this opportunity to pat my past self on the back for choosing Greg. To sum it up, Greg is a personable, skillful, and sharp mentor and friend, and I would highly recommend him to anybody.

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