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Just Listen to Paul from Amerasia


I worked with Paul from Amerasia for two-school complete package (application + interview).
I received R1 offers from both schools (Cambridge & LBS).
I recommend him to the fullest degree.

Detailed review of Paul & Amerasia:
I will breakdown my experience and provide a score for each of the criteria that I find to be important when it comes to admission consultation.

Knowledge & Expertise (5/5):
Paul is extremely knowledgeable about the MBA admission process in general, and his experience allows him to provide practical and helpful insights and guidance. He has also built up a wealth of information on application and interview. I found the materials he supplied me with to be intuitive and helpful. He allowed me to look past many of the "advice" offered on various forums by so called experts. Even though he mostly works with clients applying to US schools, I had no problem putting together solid application packages and getting through the interviews - all for European schools.

Communication (4/5):
I have to be honest here. Sometimes Paul can be a bit hard to reach. Having gone through the application process and looking back on the overall experience, this is not a big deal. It's not like he doesn't deliver on his words. However, for students admission process can be an emotional roller coaster, and at times having someone to speak to readily will greatly help with the stress. This is the only thing that I felt like Paul can improve upon. He does make it up also by spending the time with you. I've never had a single phone call where he asked to hang up first. He is willing to go over the allocated 30 minutes or an hour to address all of your questions, comments, and concerns. I very much appreciated that about Paul. In terms of style of communication, he is very honest. He will let you know directly that your work sucks. He will also let you know when you do a decent job.

Commitment & Engagement (5/5):
Paul's engagement style and his level of commitment is what got me to work with him over all the other big name consulting firms. I noticed immediately during the initial (free) consultation. Every other consultants hung up after a 30 minute conversation on the dot. Paul was different. Even for a free initial call, he spent an hour and a half talking with me. He will go over and beyond for you and he makes you feel that he, too, is truly invested in your success. It will obviously vary depending on people (and personalities), but him and I built a pretty strong relationship (considering the fact that we've never seen each others' faces and all of the communications were via email and phone calls) with him. This provided me with a sense of security that I really needed to overcome the stresses of application journey. He truly made me feel like he was looking after my best interest, and never once made me feel like our engagements were transactional. If you want someone in your corner during your MBA application journey, Paul is your man.

Value (5/5):
Value is personal and relative, so I will keep it pretty brief. His pricing is pretty much better than anything in the market. Not only that, as mentioned before, Paul is more committed and knowledgeable than other consultants I have talked to & received service (I used another company last year, but wasn't very happy with what I got) from.

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