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Thank you Drew!

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When I finally overcame the seemingly insurmountable obstacle that is the GMAT, I was met with another challenge in the MBA application process: deciding on whether or not to hire a consultant. At first glance, all of the reviews here on GMAT Club are stellar and I was overwhelmed by my options. My partner & I eventually narrowed the list down to about 8 (LOL), and I scheduled free consultations with every firm.

After about a week's worth of daily free consultations, I had made up my mind on who I wanted to go with, and frankly, I thought hard about skipping out on my consultation with Amerasia (it was the last one). I am so glad I didn't.

Drew blew me away. Not only was he a great listener, but his enthusiasm was also infectious. The Amerasia approach clicked with me, and I was thoroughly impressed with how prepared Drew was for our call. I ended up saying YES on the spot and ended our call feeling good about my decision. Random side note: emotional intelligence is a big deal to me, and Drew was the only consultant I had spoken to that brought it up first (instead of me asking about it). I was sold from that point forward.

The investment in Amerasia quickly paid for itself as Drew's patience, flexibility, and attention to detail (via strategy memos) gave me the structure I craved during the stressful and ambiguous application process. His laid back attitude on the work we had to do (I never felt pressured to meet specific deadlines) kept me sane each step of the way. Drew strikes a great balance between relaxed and straightforward. I am also kind of neurotic by nature, so I appreciated Drew's patience with me when I kept blowing up his phone or emails with my random questions.

Throughout the whole process, I felt like Drew was personally invested in helping me craft my best story, and the amazing part is he was able to do it while maintaining my voice. I am extremely pleased with my results and never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd find this much success with my stats. Big thanks to Drew & Amerasia for giving me confidence, but also helping me translate it in my applications.

Stats: ORM. 3.44 GPA. 5yrs Operations in Financial Services. 690 (47Q/38V) GMAT.

Round 2 Results: WL at Kellogg (waiting on a decision) and Stern (app now withdrawn). Admit at Anderson, Marshall (w/ full-tuition scholarship), and McCombs (w/ partial scholarship)

Update as of 4/13: I was admitted off the WL (w/ partial scholarship) at Kellogg this weekend. I wouldn't have even applied to Kellogg if Drew hadn't mentioned it during our first call. Seriously, highly recommend him!

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