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As a consultant from an over-represented background, without a perfect GPA, and a decent GMAT score, I knew that to get into the top MBA programs I had to have a razor-sharp story. In working with a consultant, I was looking for help with time/project management, guidance on the details and differentiation between programs (i.e. what each school cared about), and help putting a creative twist to my application. Faisal nailed all three.

During our work together, Faisal took the time to delve deep and understand me as a person, which allowed both of us to speak a common vernacular and pull from a common set of experiences to highlight in my essays and my interviews. As a proofreader, he challenged me to be provocative, precise, and answer the question(s) in my personal voice. He was available when I needed him, and made each step of the process as clear as possible. Ultimately, I think Faisal is different because he genuinely cares about his clients, and based on the other testimonials I read, this translates to strong results. I will be recommending Faisal to my friends and colleagues.

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