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Soterios definitely made my success his own goal


Soterios wanted my admission at least as much as I wanted it, and he did his best at every step of our work together. Even before hitting "submit," I had gained a lot from my experience with him.

For me, one of the great strengths of Soterios is his ability to get to know you well and very quickly in order to strongly support you in your personal direction. I started the application prep process a bit confused, lacking comfort in recognizing and accurately expressing important parts of my stories and future goals. But if 20 years from now, someone wants to know who I really am, what deeply matters to me in life, what has shaped me at times, and what I would like my main accomplishments and impacts in life to be, I could just share my MBA essays with him/her. Soterios guided me in a way that the final versions of my application materials so accurately reflected my truth and so precisely captured my essence. He constantly pushed me in the right direction, encouraging me to dig deeper and find the profound meaning/reasons of things. Because he got to know me very well in a short time, he helped me a lot to keep my ideas relevant and compelling. For example, when outlining my essays, he helped me a lot by reminding me of details and anecdotes from my introspection and personal MBA strategy work that I personally forgot or did not think of as good examples to use.

I quickly realized that being in line and happy with every word, every sentence, and the structure of each of my essays/answers to short questions, and even my CV, was very important to Soterios. As we were about to complete a step, he would stop and clearly ask me whether I felt good and was happy with the outcome, expecting me to actually answer and be sincere. If necessary, before moving on to the following steps, he would not mind additional iterations/revisions, always ready to jump on improvised calls. I specifically remember, for example, when I was working on my career goals, we had many iterations and at one point had a long zoom meeting that was very helpful to me as Soterios brainstormed with me and brought his own experience and field expertise, which significantly helped me clarify and find the right words for my short term and my long term goals.

Thanks to the tremendous support and incredibly genuine guidance from Soterios, from day one, I ended up submitting my applications in a serene mood, in a peaceful state of mind, very happy with everything I shared with the Adcoms because I shared my authentic self. I knew that the school or schools that would accept me would do so based on my real personality, story, and aspirations in life.

One thing worth mentioning is that when you decide to go with a Stratus MBA Consultant, you really gain a whole support system with a dedicated strategist, as many school-specific reviewers as MBA programs you are applying to, and proofreaders, all of them always present whenever necessary.

I feel fortunate and grateful to have had Soterios by my side on my application pre journey, and I recommend him 100%. Soterios will be sincerely interested in your story; he will carefully listen to you; he will push you to travel deep into your past and to take the time to seriously reflect on your career ambition in connection with your core. Once he knows you well, he will bring his expertise to guide you step by step. At the end, not only will you have very solid application materials, but also will you walk away from your collaboration with him with a better understanding of yourself, having experienced personal growth along the way. Then you will have won for your whole life, no matter where you end up. That's my case.

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