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Best consultant ever!!!


I highly recommend Rebecca Anderson at Menlo Coaching. Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable, strategic and meticulous. She had the expertise and experience to identify my unique value proposition and really took the time to help me craft my applications so that my personal and professional qualities shined through. In an environment where the top business schools have thousands of qualified applicants, standing out from pack is imperative. Rebecca expertly crafted my story in a way that helped the admissions committees see me as the unique individual that I am, and all that I had to offer! In addition, she pushed me to network with the admissions officers to give me an extra edge on top of other applicants. Most importantly, I could tell that Rebecca truly cared about my applications, going above and beyond to help me reach my goals. For instance, she reviewed my choices for recommenders and was able to confidently tell me why I should reach out to and go with others that I hadn't considered. This turned out to be the right approach due to my unique situation, and was something I wasn't able to identify myself. With Rebecca's help, I was able to get admitted to 3/3 of the MBA programs that I applied to, including my stretch school. Additionally, I received scholarship money, which is rare for part-time and executive programs. Once I received my offers, Rebecca continued to be involved, helping me with my communication strategy to negotiate decision dates and offers. I can't recommend her enough. You only get to go through an MBA program once, so make sure you're not short changing yourself by not working with someone like Rebecca.

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