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Verbal Prep for Non-Natives

World’s first prep course designed to help non-natives level the playing field and score higher on GMAT Verbal.

Announcing Verbal Live Prep 3.0

e-GMAT announces Verbal Live Prep 3.0, the world’s only course that teaches core skills and now includes workshops. Read below for more details:


Verbal Live Prep 3.0


Verbal Live Prep has been the world’s top rated verbal course for non-natives since the last three years. It was the world’s first course to provide a 4 point verbal score improvement guarantee – 2X the improvement the average re-taker achieves in his second attempt.

In the second iteration of Verbal Live Prep, we doubled our emphasis on core skills such as sentence structure, prethinking, and reading strategies through in-depth series, lessons, and live sessions on such topics. Even after 12 months, no other test prep company has even come close.

Verbal Live Prep in its third iteration comes with workshops on GMAT Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. The purpose of these workshops is to show you the mirror and give you a complete diagnosis of areas that you are strong in and things that you need to do to improve. These workshops have already helped a few students succeed:

  1. Bhagwat scored 750.
  2. Sameer Rentala scored 750.
  3. Anup scored 770
  4. Prashant scored 760

e-GMAT's methods and strategies help non-natives improve 5+ points on GMAT Verbal. Here is what we have to offer.

Key Features:e-GMAT Reviews at GMAT Club

Completely online, accessible from anywhere:
The e-GMAT courses are accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet connection with speed128Kbps or higher.

36 hours of live instruction:
Our live sessions complement our eLearning courses and offer 36 hours of live instruction on GMAT Verbal, 2X more than most major test prep companies. The best part, we offer it at a fraction of the price. Click here

Most updated course:
Heard about the new “meaning based question-types” on GMAT Sentence Correction? Well it was not new for e-GMAT customers. The e-GMAT course had 33 such questions in August 2010 itself since our course was based on OG 12 and not on an older incarnation. We continuously update our course based on the updates from GMAC so you can be rest assured that you study from most relevant material.

2800+ questions, 5 mock exams:
Proper practice makes you perfect. The course provides you ample practice on the entire GMAT curriculum. And these are “gmat like questions” that you can take any time as per your choice.

Foundation concepts:
You need a solid foundation if you plan to attain new heights on GMAT. To help you master these key skills we have designed concepts such as Sentence Structure, Logical Structure of arguments, & Pre-thinking for assumptions.

Only full time instructors work at e-GMAT:
Helping you succeed on GMAT is all we do. So when you work with us, you can be rest assured that you will be working with someone who is dedicated to your success. How does this make a difference in your prep– ask our customers who have interacted with us 🙂 and you will know.

Hassle free return policy:
We are a small company and we like to keep things simple. If you don’t like our course, let us know and we will refund the money to you, as long as you have attempted less than 33% of our course. We are reasonable people and don’t want your money if you don’t like our product.

At less than $200, it is one of the most affordable courses out there.

e-GMAT Courses:

SC CR RC Verbal Online Verbal Live Prep
Basic & Advanced Concepts - 30+ hrs of audio visual content ✓ 60+ hours ✓ 60+ hours
Foundation concepts for non-natives
24-hr Expert Personalized Support
Largest Question Bank ✓ 500 ✓ 200 ✓ 250 3000+ 3000+
7 full-length mock tests (Edvento & 800score) - - -
GMAT Club Tests - - -
Sentence Correction Live Sessions - - - - ✓ (15 hrs)
Critical Reasoning Live Sessions - - - - ✓ (15 hrs)
Reading Comprehension Live Sessions - - - - ✓ (6 hrs)
Workshops (SC, CR, RC and Verbal) - - - Verbal Workshop All Workshops
List Price $ $ $89 $ $
Discounted Price $ $ $89 $ $
Bonus Discount* $250 $250
Coupon code gcVerbal179 gcVerbal329
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e-GMAT Vs. Competition

Surely, you have choices and we thank you for considering us. To help you decide, we have compared some of the key features of our offering with those of others.

Feature e-GMAT MGMAT Veritas Knewton
Live Verbal Classroom Hours 36+ 14 21 ×
Verbal Score Improvement
4 points
Practice Questions 4000+ 1450+ 1500+ 3800+
Designed for Non-Natives
Practice CATs 5 6 15 6
Analytics Yes Yes
No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee Yes
Attend Classes Multiple Times Yes
Price $ $1190-1590 $1650 $399
Taught by Full-Time Instructors

GMAT Club Success stories

Success is its own sweet reward. We cherish and celebrate our customer’s successes and we have had a lot to celebrate in the past few months (25+ “700+” scores since July 1st). Below are few of our GMAT Club successes. You can also access other success stories on our testimonial page.

Aprajita TestimonialChaitanya Testimonial

Aman TestimonialFrancesco Testimonial

Vinay TestimonialRamit Testimonial

Nikolay TestimonialMadhu Testimonial

Featured Successes

Persistence is the quality of never giving up when we encounter challenges, of holding on to our dream, of refusing to be discouraged no matter what the odds, and no matter what happens. -Royane Real

Free Concepts

Below are a few free concepts. Register for a free trial (need only valid email) to access 100+ free questions, Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning diagnostic and a lot of free concepts.

Bold Face Passages Application Video

Bold Face Passages Concepts Video

Modifiers Verb-ing Concept Video

Significance of Meaning in Sentence Correction Video

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