Frequently Asked Questions

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What are "Collections" and how do I find them?

Collections is a feature of GMAT Club tests that allows anyone to put together a sequence or collection of questions (only from GMAT Club tests) and take them as a quiz. You can access collections here: Collections allow one to put together a set of all probability questions for example or some of the tricky questions. Bunuel and BB have posted several collections. Keep in mind that taking questions as quizzes or collections MAY reduce your number of Adaptive Tests. 

How close are GMAT Club Test scores to the Actual GMAT scores?

GMAT Club test scores align fairly well with the official GMAT scores. Usually, you can expect to score about the same or perhaps 1-2 points higher. You can review actual scores of GMAT Club users posted in almost 1,000 GMAT Club Test Reviews

If I reset the question pool, will I loose all the bookmarked questions and the respective notes?

No, You will not lose any progress/results information. Your bookmarks, notes, and history will remain. The reset feature marks all attempted questions as fresh. The system, on the other hand allows retaking questions dozens of times and every attempt will be saved as history. 

What if I run out of Questions?

If you run out of questions for tests or quizzes, you can reset your question pool. Resetting your question pool, will mark all questions as “unattempted”. It will not erase your previous results, scores, or statistics. 

How many Practice Sets are included?

As many as you wish, until you run out of all the questions. Our practice set system is extremely flexible and allows you to take questions in a variety of ways such as questions you have gotten wrong in your previous attempts, questions that took you a long time to solve or all those you have marked as a "Guess"

How many tests are included?

By default, you can take up to 26 Quant Tests and 9 Verbal Tests. The number of tests, may be less, however, if you take many quizzes. The question database is shared between Sets and Tests, allowing you a choice of either CAT simulations or Target Set practice. 

What is the question difficulty?

About 50% of the questions in the database are 700 and higher level. The other 50% are split between 600 and 500 level. In general our questions are more difficult than what you will encounter on GMAT Prep. 

How many questions are included?

Over 1,600 questions are included and we are constantly adding new ones. You can see the exact question count with exact split in the Practice Set Section

Do GMAT Club Tests provide accommodation for 1.5x or 2x testing time? 

We do support a way for a test-taker to take GMAT Club tests without a hard time limit, allowing them to establish a personal 50% or 100% time accommodation.

Here is how to do it:

Once you start a CAT, please switch it into Study Mode. Study Mode is almost the same as the Test mode - You will still receive a reliable score; the only difference is that your test will not end when the timer reaches "0". Instead, the timer will continue counting time - you can let it run as long as you feel appropriate - e.g. from 62:00 to 0 and then back to 62:00 will give you double time or from 62:00 to 0 and then to 31:00 will give you a 50% time accommodation.


P.S. The study mode also allows you to look at answers (you should not do that if you are simulating a test however).

Can I review questions I got wrong by Topic?

Yes, you can. You can see all of your topics in the Best & Worst section of the Overall Analysis. You can then use these questions to review of build a custom quiz out of them. For more information, screenshots, and details visit this discussion.

Best & Worst Areas

Why does my total GMAT Score show --- ?

The GMAT Club tests will estimate your Overall GMAT Score such as 650 or 700 based on your latest Quant and Verbal test results. If you are not seeing a score, make sure you take at least one full Quant and one full Verbal test in test mode (practice mode does not count).

Can I take the same questions multiple times?

- Yes, you can take the questions you have attempted in a practice set. You can choose to take only those that you answered wrong or those that were a guess, or any other combination configurable via the practice set page.

- You can also Reset the question pool, which will mark all questions as "unattempted" and allow you to take them in Tests or Practice Sets. Resetting the question pool does not change or remove your results already in the system

Can I take all the questions?

Yes, you can take all the 1,600+ questions. You can take them in several formats/methods:

Tests - you can probably exhaust a lot of questions but not all. The reason you can't take all the questions is that CAT requires certain difficulty and certain topics. After 20 CAT's you can expect 300-500 questions left over

Quizzes - you can hand-select which types and difficulties of questions to take in the Quizzes page. Be careful not to exhaust one category completely as it may be a required category for CAT's. If you exhaust a category, you will not be able to take any CAT's until you reset the question pool

Browse Mode - you can use the browse mode (in Practice Sets interface) to browse through all and each of 1,200+ questions we offer

What is the difference between Study and Test mode?

In the Test Mode, you are timed, and you are taking the test as you would have taken the real test. At the end of the test, you will receive a Scaled Raw Section score, such as Q50.

In the Study mode, the time limit does not apply, you can navigate between questions and go back (and change your answer choice), as well as see the correct answer and explanations for each question. At the end of the test taken in Study Mode, you are only presented with a Percentage of Correctly answered questions, such as 80%.

How long does it take to activate subscription after payment?

Subscriptions are activated immediately after the payment is made. Your subscription will be tied to the username you are logged in under or if you are not a member, the one you will create after the purchase 

What are the Free Access Days?

GMAT Club provides free access to all of the GMAT Club tests and questions during 12 holidays. During these days you can take unlimited tests and quizzes without any kind of a subscription, as long as you are a registered member. You can see the free tests day schedule for this year here

Can I review questions and explanations after my subscription has expired?

No. Your access to questions and explanations will be blocked after subscription expiration. You can still see statistics and general results but you will not be able to see question text or explanations after subscription expiration

My initial subscription is about to expire. Can I extend it? 

If you have purchased a subscription, there are flexible extension options allowing you to get a 50% discount on terms starting with 10 days and all the way to 3 months. Please renew before your term expires in order to take advantage of the 50% discount. Special discounted extension price (accessible only if you have an active subscription)  

Help! My quant questions are displaying gibberish!

If the formulas are displaying as code (such as SQRT instead of a proper square root), that is an indication that the Java on your computer needs to be reinstalled. We suggest you try a new browser; if that does not help, then reboot, and if that does not help, please reinstall your java by visiting

 Can I download questions or tests?

The tests are intended to be taken online with an active internet connection, and thus you cannot download tests or questions. But you can download your results and summary in PDF or XLS formats

Do tests work on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or iPad?

Yes, tests work on all of these platforms

What are the minimum technical requirements? 

The tests are rather humble in terms of requirements. You will need a browser (any one of them) and an internet connection for the duration of the test. Your browser must support Java and you do need to have Java installed on your computer in order to render formulas in the Quant section.

How long does it take for tests to be activated after payment?

Tests are activated immediately. If for any reason you are not able to take the tests, please contact us using the form link below.

My country does not seem to be supported when I try to pay with a credit card, what should I do?

Please use the PayPal checkout option – it supports the largest variety of countries. 

What payment methods are supported? 

Currently GMAT Club tests support multiple payment methods of payment including debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal. If you are having issues with payments, you can try your credit/debit card either using the Credit Card button or PayPal button (no paypal account is required). Please Please visit the plans and pricing page to see all of the supported payment methods. 

If your question is not listed above or you would like to suggest a new feature, please contact us here