April 11, 2021

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When I started looking into the MBA process, I was astounded by the astronomical high prices of many MBA consultants. There's no way I can afford it - until ApplicantLab (AL) came along!

Disclosure: I got a free access to the AL modules because the content was not captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing, so it was not fully accessible at the beginning. Maria was kind-hearted enough to grant me a free access and then later had the videos captioned within a few days. So if you're deaf or hard of hearing and thinking about an MBA, AL will definitely make its content accessible for you. Instead of a video review of your essays, they'll write in notes/comments in the Word doc.

I mostly worked with Carin to craft my narrative ("sanity check") and essay reviews, and how to shine a positive light on my lived experiences as a deaf person. I couldn't find a deaf student or alumni at my programs of choice (M7 + T10s) to reach out for helpful guidance and information. I had questions like "How did they present themselves well?", "how to show that we offer a lot to the community?" and "how did the employers view students with disabilities?"

However, Carin and Maria were awesome in lending thier experience and perspective as hearing people to make sure I present my unique, nontraditional background and experiences well. They responded quickly to my emails and questions, including their feedback/thoughts on selecting a certain topic my video prompts.

The modules are all top-notch, highly specific, updated, and very informative in all one place - great if you're short on time and need to churn out applications in matter of days. I highly recommend AL for any new MBA applicants at a very affordable price points for its platform and add-on services (which I did pay for).

Results? I got into Wharton, Yale SOM, and Booth for R2.

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