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A Comprehensive & Fantastic Service (Wharton/Lauder Admit)

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During R2 of the 2020/21 cycle, I - a non-traditional, outlier, international applicant - applied to eight business schools and relied on ApplicantLab's fantastic platform to organise my narrative, stories, past experiences, and achievements. This affordable platform, which provides quality service in a fraction of the cost of its competitors, allows its users to learn how to appreciate their strengths and address their weaknesses while engaging them with the many pieces that would make each unique application (both the written portion and the interview) successful. ApplicantLab made my application process more manageable, acquainted me with the different schools I applied to (e.g., their program, their written application, interviews), and laid out the appropriate strategy to tackle each application given my profile, and every school is looking for. The level of service Maria, Carin, and the three alumni on the roster deliver is exceptional. I do not think you can beat ApplicantLab's offering, given the price, the quality of content, and the guidance they provide, alongside the flexibility and accessibility the platform allows. I was delighted with my outcomes, and I have no doubt ApplicantLab played a significant role in attaining them.

Besides the platform, I also used some of the supplementary services very targeted way, working with an alumnus on a Sanity Check, another alumnus on one application, and Carin to polish my Wharton & Lauder essays before submitting them. I appreciated the level of commitment and dedication she and the alumni exhibited throughout the process. Carin was highly responsive, was invested in my candidacy despite the fact we did not work extensively, and even made sure to add a special slot for me so that she could make a final review of my material. Her professionalism and experience as an admission consultant were evident as well. The feedback she provided was always candid, concise, and actionable. She highlighted the strong portion of the essays and precisely what was missing to make them even more robust, referencing specific resources. Besides working with her directly on my essays, she and the rest of the ApplicantLab staff were always accessible to answer specific questions about the different applications and provided solid advice throughout the process with no additional cost.

I highly recommend Carin in particular and ApplicantLab in general. Even if your essays are in good shape, they will provide you with encouragement and constructive feedback to make sure you submit the best application possible. Carin and her colleagues were over the moon when I told them that I was accepted to Wharton/Lauder with substantial fellowships to both programmes, indicating how invested they were in my candidacy and how rewarding it was to work with ApplicantLab during the application process.

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