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I came to Karthik for my application help with limited time in hand since I had to retake my GMAT. We had about a month and ten days for the first school’s deadline. I must say the experience has been incredible.

I started with a bunch of starter files, which were more about soul searching than about anything to do with the application in specific. As I filled it in, the drive for an MBA grew in me even further. It looked like an MBA is exactly the missing piece in what I aspire to become.

We then went on with the application of each of the individual schools. Here again, he made me think of instances in my life that would be the most appropriate for the context in hand. The essays as such go back and forth for multiple edits before we arrive at the final draft. Given the limited time I had, I sometimes pushed him to get back within a day on reviews, which he obliged to as well.

Another thing that I appreciate is the high moral standards that Karthik has. He never suggests you to write something that you do not mean nor does he make significant edits by himself. If it’s a major edit, it’s for you to come back with a better version. All in all, I was extremely satisfied with the process and loved working with him on my applications.

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