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This is the story of an engineer working very hard in a small town in Odhisa. He decides to explore a new option. Let’s dream of something big. So he starts a new journey, preparation of MBA. The first step was rigorous preparation for GMAT. Finally, he succeeded in securing a decent enough score.

Then his situation resembled a sailor set ashore towards invaluable wealth but he had no idea how to tame aggressive tides and how to encounter the difficulties in his way. A big ship helped him to steer his way through the turbulent tides. The ship had a very experienced captain. He was very efficient in figuring out the strategies for a successful venture.

Now a new journey started for the engineer guy. He learned about how to gather his thoughts efficiently in an essay. He understood the major requirements of any prime B school and their expectations from a potential applicant. Slowly all the complications were abolished. Moreover, a hardcore technical person transformed into a successful management aspirant.

Let's introduce the characters of this story. The engineer is Shatam Bhattacharyya, an Instrumentation and Electronics engineer from Jadavpur University and a victorious person in professional life at Tata Steel. The big ship is August Academy.

August Academy was an integral part of my journey of MBA applications.

This institute is unique in following ways-
1. This academy understands the candidate's profile and career aspirations in a specialized manner. Main attention is focused on this part. As a result, any potential candidate can identify the career aspirants and the role of MBA in an effective way.
2. Anyone can recognize his strengths and achievements, both at professional and extracurricular front through the unique initiative of creating Starter Files. I benefited immensely from these exercises. These were the foundations of my MBA application journey. These exercises helped me to get admission in one of the most premier Business School in India.

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