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A Fruitful Experience


After failing to secure interviews in the previous admissions season, I decided to work with an admissions consult to improve my chances. During the profile review with Karthik, he reviewed my profile from adcom's perspective and he immediately found that I lacked the focus in my short term plans. I chose to work with him for 3 school package. We first brainstormed and narrowed down my short term plans, which went a long way in my Essays and my admissions interviews. Karthik also helped me fine tune my CV for the MBA applications.

Karthik, is honest and realistic when selecting schools to apply to. We selected school based on my profile and post MBA plans.

We worked on each essay from scratch. When working on the essays, Karthik laid down a skeleton, based on the my strengths and experiences, for each essay. The essays were written by me and then Karthik reviewed them a couple of times, giving me pointers to make sure the essay is to the point and help me highlight my strengths for each university. I was invited to interview for all 3 of them. I got accepted into Carlson School of Management (my target school), with half tuition fees scholarship.

Even though Karthik's charges may seem high, he helped me present the best version of myself and which helped me get into my target school with scholarship. All in all, it was a very fruitful experience.

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