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My engagement with Graham goes a long way.

About 2 years before my B-School application, I was still deciding whether or not to go to B-School. I knew roughly what I wanted to do after B-School, but didn’t know how to best position myself and what school really suits me.

So I first signed up for Expartus’ early start package. I really loved the expartus personal branding exercise and how Graham facilitated me through it. I felt like I was not just preparing for a B-school, but reviewing my overall life & career goal in general – from early childhood to date, family background etc.

And that’s also what gave me confidence to continue working with Graham with the actual school application. I felt that he knew me very well, and was able to bring out strong points/stories from my background, beyond just ‘hard stats’ like GPA/GMAT etc., in a genuine manner. This, I believe, is what helped me to get into my dream B-School.

Graham also went beyond expectation many times. In addition to taking many early morning calls due to the time difference, he even gave me useful materials (e.g. leadership articles, interesting materials and even connections that are relevant to my long term goal etc.), or simply short term career advice that’s still relevant to my long term goal post B-School.

Graham is also a very critical, principled and honest person. He won’t hesitate to call out any weakness in your application, and recommended practical approaches on how to fix it.

I genuinely feel very lucky to have met and worked with Graham, and sincerely hope there are many more applicants in the future that can be helped by him as well. Thanks Graham & Expartus!

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