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Review for ARLee Consulting


Once I made up my mind to apply to INSEAD, I knew I needed help from someone who knew the school inside out. Alex, being an alumnus of the school, fit the bill perfectly. Throughout the process of writing CV, essays, preparing for interviews, it felt like Alex was available at my fingertips to get advice/help. Even though we were located on two different continents, he always showed flexibility and worked around my schedule for our phone calls. He was extremely responsive, always replied within minutes or hours, but always on the same day. He provided critical feedback and pushed me to dig deep and think of examples and stories that I would not have considered important otherwise. The best part about working with Alex was that my essays never lost their authenticity, even after being worked upon several times. This is because Alex understood my personality and motivation, and his feedback always steered me towards strengthening those aspects of me in my essays instead of changing them. In my discussions with Alex, I realized that he was not only aware of how the admission process works for EU schools but also for top US schools. He knew the deadlines, duration of the programmes and their admission criteria at the back of his hand. I would recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to apply to a B-school and needs somebody to take them through the process of understanding the school admission criteria, keeping them on track to submit a successful MBA application, provide honest, thorough and critical feedback on CV and essays and be available at all times to answer questions and provide support.

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