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I found Alex on the GMAT Club around two weeks after I began to write my documents for the INSEAD application. He contacted me after I posted my profile for an evaluation on the forum. We exchanged a few emails, had a phone call and finally, I decided to hire him for a two school comprehensive end to end package.
Our first task was to reorganise my CV. From this point, I knew I made the right choice of hiring him. I went from a standard work application CV to a perfectly organised and synthetic summary of my life. From this point, I followed all his direction for the next months.

It took time, much revision, but in the end, we made it. Thanks to Alex I succeeded to join the only school I wanted: INSEAD with a GMAT 660 being a white European male. And it was only possible because all the rest of my application was millimetrically perfect thanks to his advice and guidance.

I recommend to hire Alex if you are in the following cases :
-If you have difficulty to be synthetic and straight to the point in your essay
-If you have a profile that is atypic for your target school
-If you are ready to listen and learn from his comments

I would not recommend hiring Alex if you are in the following cases:
-You want somebody to correct your essays, and you are not ready to listen to criticism
-You want somebody that will write your essay for you (He will never do that)

Alex helped me during all my application process and it is thanks to him that I succeeded. He was more than a consultant and went far beyond what I expected from him.

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