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Best deal ever - admission offer with full scholarship!


To give you some context, I'm from one of the most competitive pools - Chinese Male in the consulting industry, with an average GMAT score and a rather low GPA. I applied to 6 schools, all of which are my dream schools. With the crucial help from Alex, I successfully received interview invitations from all schools I applied to, and ended up with 4 offers from INSEAD, LBS, Fuqua($$), and Ross($$$$), and 2 waitlists (withdrawed later) from another 2 top US schools.

I was skeptical about using online MBA admission consultancy at first, and I talked to many admission consultants from my own country and the country I'm based at. After enough research and comparisons I chose Alex eventually, as I was convinced by his expertise in admissions and his utmost passion in guiding and coaching applicants after we had the first initial call, let alone his own excellent and interesting background - an INSEAD MBA alumnus, with many international experiences both academically and professionally, among which his professional HR experience in a global leading tech company would enable him to know people and career better. I would say, it turned out to be the best choice in my application journey.

I was having a difficult time as I had no confidence in my profile and I had trouble figuring out my genuine career goal, one of the most important questions we applicants should work on. Alex kept cheering me up and giving me the confidence I needed, and most importantly, he dedicated himself to knowing my life story and passion, identified many selling-points in my story that I myself even didn't recognize, and guided me to connect all the dots and thus helped me develop a wonderful career goal story. Most of the time when we jumped onto a call which was supposed to be 1 to 1.5 hours long, it usually turned out to be 2-3 hours with lots of discussions and brainstormings, and I got take-ways more than enough to move on with my applications. Alex is also very responsive as he would always reply to my email and return my essay with many insightful comments and updates by the next morning - Our timezone difference of 8 hours made it possible for me to send him my essay drafts by the time I went to sleep and except to receive the feedback when I woke up the next morning! I truly appreciated his generosity, hard-working, and efficiency.

Alex was also more than an admissions consultant till the point you receive your offers. He gave me plenty of genuine advice in weighing the offers by putting himself in my shoes, shared his thoughts on how I may spend my pre-MBA time and prepare for the program, and even helped me through the dilemma about whether I should defer my MBA program given the COVID-19 problem.

I really enjoyed the experience working with Alex, and I truly felt I gained much more than I excepted and paid (it's really affordable compared to most other admission services!). I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to go for it. Alex Lee Consulting will be your best guide and friend along your MBA journey. Thank you, Alex!

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