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Consultant: Karen Ponte.

I was applying to EMBA to top two European Business schools. The competition is fierce there, so I wanted to have a consultant.

I was not sure what consultant to choose, so based on the feedback in the internet and from my friend I peaked several consultants for the first free consultations.

With Fortuna, Everything started from 40 mins free conversation with Matt. Matt had so much experience and info about schools. the conversation was absolutely incomparable with other consultants that I peaked.

So I decided to stick with Fortuna and took a full package for one particular school. Fortuna provided me a consultant that worked before in that school. That school was my main priory in the beginning between the two that I chose. However after events in those schools my main target has changed. Fortuna was really flexible and they kindly provided me another consultant instead- Karen Ponte.
Karen is just amazing, with no exaggeration! Karen used to work in that school, so she knew not just the process or what I need to show, she actually new people and so many small details about application process and essays.
I honestly believe that If I didn't have Karen, I would never be accepted to my Dream school. After first conversation I understood, that Karen is really experienced in that process. Karen was flexible and really quick with all the advises on the story and changes in my essays. Importantly, I had only around 3 weeks for the whole application process. so we started quickly from References, and Karen pointed exact sides of my profile (knowing it and discussing it with me) that should be highlighted by Referees. Karen has amazing drafting skills, and she really improved my essays.
When I got an appointment with Admission for the school, we went through everything. Karen helped me to build the right story in the presentation.
After I was admitted and got the offer, which I happily accepted, Karen helped me with Scholarship.
Karen had conversations with me almost daily, and responded always on the same day. It was so important for me, as I am full-time employee with sometimes demanding schedule.
I am really thankful to Karen and I highly recommend her.

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