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I'd first admit that I am one of those who couldn't do this without a consultant. Trained as a scientist, I knew I needed someone from the business world to polish my application package and to take the anxiety out of the process through discussions.

I had another consultant before Molly. During that time, the vision for my application was less clear and I was falling behind the schedule. It got the point that I thought I was not going to make it and I hated the process. That's when I was introduced to Molly. Molly helped me make everything happen and she's even turned the application process into something almost enjoyable. She first streamlined my application plan while giving me the necessary confidence to finish all the work in time. She was very responsive and usually gets back to me in just a few hours. Above all, her insight helped me find and highlight the most relevant information in my application. By the time I submitted my applications, I knew I did my best and I have shown my best of readiness for business school.

Highly recommend!

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