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She got me in!


I started my application journey in 2017. I have to admit that I am not one of those guys who can come up with cohesive stories. Hell, my essays used to lack continuity every time. Therefore I did not get into the school I applied despite having a competitive profile and putting hours into my application. My efforts and my money paid.
Then I took the help of another consulting company wherein I think I was able to put better applications. I applied to 5 schools with them and couldn't get into any. I could only manage 2 interview invites and one waitlist. I was disappointed. Being ambitious, I had only applied to US top 15 schools.
I decided to change my approach in 2018. I went through reviews and locked in Molly. To my surprise, she was fast. With herself having Booth MBA, she knows the insights. She gives great advice and pushes to think deeper. She helped me develop my profile and constantly followed up with me to see my progress. Her turnaround time is just few hours. She was always easily approachable. I am a confused guy and would come up with new ideas every time but Molly was patient. She helped me in every stage of the application. After having had 10 plus revisions of just one application, I had almost given up but Molly didn't. After the ad-com review, I was able to put a much better application with Molly's help. I applied to three schools with her, secured an interview invite to each school and finally got one admit from US top 10 and one waitlist. When I reflect back, I hope I had met Molly before which would have saved me time and money. I would advise anyone to go with Molly blindly.

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