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February 05 | 2019
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I had a great experience working with Molly. This was my second time applying, and I wanted to make sure I had a strong application. Molly helped me take all the swirling ideas and plans I had in my head and tell a crisp, cohesive, and most importantly, authentic story. I am coming from the non-profit industry and want to stay in social justice long term. I spoke with a few other consultants who wanted me to downplay that passion and drive in favor of a more tradition post-MBA path, but Molly encouraged me to lean into what made me unique and be bold in my aspirations. She gave clear constructive feedback, pushed my thinking when I needed it, and gave me pep talks when I was stuck.

I ended up doing a one school package with her and adding about 4 hours of additional work to help with the essays for my other schools. I am very happy with the results. I applied to 5 top 15 programs and got into my top 3 choices, with full or almost full scholarships to 2 of them. I definitely do not think I would have had the same results without her support. I definitely recommend working with Molly!


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