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November 06 | 2017
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Consultant: Alex Leventhal

Before contacted Alex, I had already called a couple consultants located both in China and United States. The feedbacks I received from those consultants were quite opposite, either a very negative feedback from Chinese consultant saying that I had no chance to get in a top 10 school or a very positive feedback from American consultant encouraging me to apply any schools I want. Coming from a very competitive pool with a moderate background (Chinese and average GMAT), I understand there are many hurdles I have to face. The initial conversation with Alex was quite pleasure, unlike other consultants who treat you just as another business opportunity, Alex was sincere, professional and passionate about his career. More importantly, Alex was very honest with me after evaluating my background. With his help, I targeted three schools and got in CBS, my dream school!
Working with Alex was a great experience, he is a Harvard MBA with more than a dozen years of experience in this business. His passion and expertise always help me think out of the box and have the chance to look into the “black box” of MBA admission. We spent a lot of times to work on my career goals and resume, when it came to the essays, Alex’s creative thinking about the structure and logic of essays really helped me to ace my application, and I believe that’s why I got in CBS.
Rather than just a consultant-customer relationship, working with Alex was also a fun and personal experience. We shared our lives during the calls and get really to know each other, I also recommended a couple Asian restaurants in LA I liked and gladly to know that Alex and his family like them too.
I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone who is planning to pursue MBA at top schools. Looking back at my journey, teaming up with Alex was the best decision I made when I decided to apply business schools.

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