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Prep MBA - Alex

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When I first spoke with Alex in what feels like eons ago, my first impression was that he was a thoughtful and incredibly sharp guy. He gave me great feedback and made astute observations of my candidacy right from the very beginning. Most importantly, he was honest – and I was looking for someone who wasn’t afraid to give me some “tough love” but also willing to commend me in the areas where I did good.

This was mentioned in other posts but bears repeating: Alex is the one that you will work with. This is invaluable, especially in an already opaque industry where some admissions consultants build up their workforce in the pursuit of scale and not quality. Alex approaches the MBA application process with the same rigor I would expect the schools to use in their classes. He put a lot of time into getting to know me personally and through our conversations, I was better able to understand myself. Alex’s pre-application process was extremely useful when I started writing my essays and preparing for my interviews as we had a framework to use for each and every part of the application.

For me, Alex’s greatest contribution as my consultant was his ability to help me drill down on my career purpose. I had some issues in the beginning articulating exactly what I wanted to do but my conversations with Alex and the feedback I got helped crystallize my story. He was able to take seemingly disparate parts of my work experience and extracurriculars and tailor them to each MBA program, using examples from past applications and his knowledge of the school. He meticulously went through my essays with a fine-tooth comb; we must have gone through multiple revisions and drafts for each essay. The turnaround for the edits and feedback was always within 24-48 hours. The mock interview was also a great help to me – I am not a great interviewee and Alex helped put my unease to rest by giving me useful tips and walking me through each one of my responses to provide advice on how best to approach the question. I think he is the reason I felt so confident coming out of my interviews with some of the m7 schools. Thanks to his help across all areas of my application, I will now be attending one of the top MBA programs in the country.

Lastly, Alex is fantastic to work with. He has a good heart and obviously wants his clients to succeed. He is generous with his time (he offered to help me do a mock interview for a school that wasn’t part of my package) and he genuinely wants to get to know you. Part of the value of a consultant is to have someone who can truly understand your underlying motivations almost as well (if not better) as you do. That can only happen with a large investment in the person and Alex is willing to make that sacrifice for you.

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