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Knowing how helpful (good) reviews are for choosing the “right” GMAT prep tool, I would like to share my recent experience using the Economist GMAT Tutor.

Since I regularly work long hours, the only real option for me was to take a self-paced course. Thus, with three months to go before the test date, I signed up for free trials for both the MGMAT and the Economist GMAT Tutor program. And after only one day, I was 100% sure that the Economist tool was going be “my” tool in getting ready to finally beat the GMAT. Here is why:

As opposed to the MGMAT tool, the Economist tool does not use videos, meaning that you have to read all the content and answer explanations. Moreover, you constantly have to answer both short review questions and actual test questions as you work through the material. If you – like me – are the kind of person who studies late and easily loses focus when watching videos, the Economist tool will certainly work much better for you.

The Economist tool also makes it really easy for you to track your progress as it gives you a lot of detail on the time spent studying, the percentage of completed content and an approximate score estimate. The last two features in particular were a game changer for me because practicing thereby became kind of a computer game.

The algorithm running the Economist prep tool really hones in on your weaknesses and spends much less time on your strengths. For example, I completed 90% of the verbal content in a quarter of the time that it took me to complete 90% of the quant material (note that quant has been my weakness all along). Moreover, you do not need to use material, which makes studying all the more efficient (although I do recommend using the OG for the last two weeks of your prep).

As far as the Economist GMAT tutor’s CATs go, I feel that they are pretty accurate in measuring how you will do on the actual test. My scores after finishing all the content were 720, 670, 700 and 710 and I ended up scoring a 700 on the actual test.
Additionally, the Economist GMAT Tutor offers a score guarantee, meaning that you are guaranteed a 70 point improvement from your base score (which I set at 610 points during my free one-week trial) if you sign up for the 3-month trial. Since my target score was a 680 this was all the more incentive to sign up. After all, if hadn’t reached my target score, I would at least have gotten my money back.

AWA: The AWA templates are really helpful. If you are really weak in writing though, I can see how the templates alone will not do much for you. Definitely use the essay grading feature – the personalized feedback you get on your essays is pretty good.

IR: To me, this is definitely the “weak spot” of the Economist GMAT tutor. For my taste, there are far too little questions in the question bank to allow for a thorough preparation. Moreover, the CATs do not have an on-screen calculator like on the real test.

Quant: The quant sections is amazing! The Economist tool has it all: simple explanations, a huge question bank, and good tutors (you get up to six one-on-one tutoring sessions via Skype) about any topic you choose. Moreover, the algorithm really hammers test taking strategies (e.g. POE, approximations, etc.) into your brain and literally forces you to approach quant problems the way you should.

Verbal: I cannot seriously say much about the helpfulness of the verbal sections as I scored above the 90th percentile from the beginning.

Last but not least, I want to mention how helpful Isaac was as a tutor for my “strategy sessions”. Although my first session with him was a rough awakening (he pretty much told me that much of what I had been doing was ineffective), he completely changed my approach to the test itself. If it wasn’t for him (and his super helpful timing charts) I would have never been able to exceed my target score and get a 700 on the actual test! Thanks!

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