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I have been using the Economist GMAT Tutor course for the last 3 months and it was remarkably helpful for helping me achieve my goal of scoring 710. This program came highly recommended from a friend of mine who described it as "one of the top 3 purchases of his life".

With a full time job and long workday hours, doing a series of weekend prep courses was not a good option for me. I was looking for a program that I could use in my free time and would let me study for 15 minutes or 4 hours depending on my schedule. I used the 7 day trial (which I recommend anyone should do before considering the purchase) and was hooked.

I was especially impressed with the full explanations provided for every answer in the Verbal section. Those were extremely helpful for understanding the structure of arguments and subtle grammar and style issues in sentence correction questions.

I studied engineering in university, so the majority of the math concepts were familiar to me. However, on some of the GMAT questions, I had trouble solving the questions in the recommended 2 minute window. The big advantage of the Economist program is that it teaches you shortcuts and quick ways to solve tricky problems, and gives you multiple tools to solve the problems. Further, after every question, the program asks you "How long do you think you took to answer the question?" This is especially helpful to get a feel for timing and pacing. You are taught not only how to answer questions correctly, but also to be aware of the big picture and how far off pace you might be.

Some other great features of the program are that you can have multiple one on one skype tutoring sessions with tutors from around the world (I highly recommend Jake Wengroff), you can submit written essays for the AWA portion and get them graded by real people, and you can submit any kind of question through their "Ask a Tutor" feature. The responses you get back are often very detailed and helpful.

Finally, studying with this program is addictive. Just like the real GMAT exam, the program features adaptive algorithms that target your weakest areas and force you to practice those. Once you have completed a certain set of questions, a % complete graph will project a possible range of scores for you. This is addictive because the projected score tends to increase the more you study, so I found that I was always looking forward to the next study session so I could move the projected score up higher and higher. I wrote 6 practice exams with the program, all of which were in the project range; therefore, I believe it was a fair estimate of my abilities.

In total, I spent 75 hours going through about 85% of the course content and practice questions. I wrote 6 sim tests and scored the following:

Format: Score (IR, Quant, Verbal)

630 (3, 42, 36)
660 (6, 48, 34)
660 (3, 51, 31)
710 (5, 46, 43)
710 (6, 50, 38)
730 (6, 50, 41)

I submitted 3 essays for AWA and was graded 5.5, 5.5-6.0, and 5.5-6.0.

On my real GMAT I scored:

710 (8, 49, 37) with a 6.0 on AWA. 91% percentile.

I hope to apply to an MBA program in 2018 and am confident that this score will get me into my first choice school, hopefully with a big scholarship.

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