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First of all, let me introduce myself: I am a 21 year old, Italian student of Economics and Finance at Bocconi University, located in Milan. I have scored 8/9 on the IELTS, but in no way did I feel confident about the verbal section of the GMAT before starting the course taught by EMPOWERgmat, as I am not a native English speaker. This alone should be a testament to the effectiveness of EMPOWERgmat.

Before signing up for the course, I had taken a CAT and scored 550. Six weeks later, on my official test day, I scored 760 (49,45). What I believe sets EMPOWERgmat apart is the fact that it's a course focusing on the method and mindset to beat the GMAT, rather than just giving you math or grammar knowledge. Anybody could do that, but few can teach a way to treat the test like a true challenge and give practical tips to overcome any kind of obstacle that may come in your way. The GMAT is a standardised test, and EMPOWERgmat will help you interiorise all its features so that when it's finally game day there will be no surprises.

Clearly, the course doesn't "only" give such practical tips. In fact, from the get-go, you can shape your studying program and decide its duration based on your necessities. There will be lessons refreshing some basic math and geometry concepts that you probably haven't seen since high school as well as crucial lectures for non-native speakers on how to crush the verbal. Throughout all these learning experiences the teachers will always try to make you deeply understand the forma-mentis you need to have in approaching this test, and I believe that this mindset will be useful also for future challenges!

I am truly glad I gave this course a shot, and I strongly recommend you do too.

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