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From a 580 to a 720..EMPOWERgmat was the perfect prep course


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EMPOWERgmat was a phenomenal study tool that I credit with being able to achieve my target score of 720. I had originally scored 580 on my first practice exam and then spent the next month studying with the Manhattan books. However, a month later when I took another practice exam my score wasn't even above 650. Recognizing I needed a new study strategy, I searched for a different alternative and was advised to try out EMPOWERgmat. I found that the video style (which is similar to Khan Academy) allowed me to move quickly through my areas of strength and focus more on my areas of weakness. Rich's solutions also showed you how to solve the question in the quickest way - not the standard "algebraic" solution, etc. As I already had most of the basic quant/verbal content down, EMPOWERgmat's focus on the STRATEGY of how to attack exam questions was exactly what I needed to boost my score. The challenge for me was timing and how to get through questions quickly. EMPOWERgmat gave me the tools I needed to be successful. With only 3 weeks of using EMPOWERgmat, I boosted my practice score up to a 740. On test day, I came out with a 720, which was still in my target range. EMPOWERgmat gave me the tricks and confidence I needed to be successful, while also providing the material in an engaging format. The team was very responsive if I ever had questions or requests and the course was very reasonably priced. I can't recommend it enough!

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