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I am a 21-year-old student from Italy, currently attending Bocconi University. Since I want to do my MSc abroad, I decided to take the GMAT.
My first score, due to poor math knowledge and language barriers was poor: 540
My target was a 650+ score, so I decided to sign up for an online course, EmpowerGMAT.
Some friends who already took the GMAT told me about it, but to be honest, since the course is much less expensive than the other courses, I was skeptical.

I approached the online course and started listening to the video lessons and completing the many exercises provided with the course.
After just a few days I realized that my overall knowledge was improving:
The Math course (by Rich) is a direct approach to kill every exercise, focused on knowing the fundamental formulas and distinguish the questions one need to answer correctly from those that can be dumped with no effect on the score. In this way, the student needs to know only a few basic formulas and is able to go through the Quant section without rushing, since he is educated to dump some non-important questions.
The Verbal course (by Max) provides for basic grammar knowledge, but its power stays in the tips and tricks provided to answer every question (or at least to make an educated guess) in no-time. This direct approach allows non-natives (like me) to score high without the need to know every single English grammar rule.
The IR and AWA courses, since these sections do not affect the overall score, are really concise but helpful to develop a successful mind pattern and tactic.

The course is really interesting and not excessively or unnecessarily long, and leaves to the student the freedom to choose when to take it, in how much time, and what lessons to take (it also presents tailor-made study plans).

After concluding the course in a month I approached Test Day feeling relaxed and prepared: I was able to raise my score to a 680!! (Q:44 V:40 IR:8 AWA:5)

To conclude, the course, integrated with the official GMAT book, is extremely helpful to improve the score of every student, native or non-native, math genius or bad at math.
Each section is successfully broken down and analyzed, and the mix of basic knowledge and tricks provided is a must have to kill the GMAT.
I recommend the course without any doubt to all.

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