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Great Quant Strategies. TRIAGE IS AWESOME.


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This review is based on my jump from 550 (Q37, V28) to 660 (Q47, V34).


When I first started with empower, I knew my Quant is stupid. I completely threw all my quantitative knowledge away and what empower did was bring them back. Rich has a great way of engaging the audience and I loved that aspect so much. The podcasts were really helpful in shaping my mindset towards how to approach questions. The way the course was structured helped me apply what I learnt in the course to what I will see in the exam. The solutions were easy to follow and anyone who strictly follow Rich's quant teaching can definitely hit a Q47. The only complain I have for the quant part is the heavy reliance of formula memorization for the rate x time questions. I'm not a big fan of remembering things because I'm very forgetful.


I am quite disappointed by empower's teaching for verbal. I think the verbal portion for Empower would benefit natives more than non-native speakers. The course lacks explanation on why certain GMAT rules are that way. However, I do feel that the boil it down method for critical reasoning was very helpful for practicing. However, when you do GMAT in the exam... you will never get the chance to boil down... it's just way too slow. The RC portion of the course also helped me with GMAT. Previously, I used to just read the text several times and answer the GMAT but after using Empower I realized that you need to take it slow. Without that advice I would have never been good at RC.

[GMAT Strategies]

If there was a rating for this section for GMAT courses I would throw a 10 out of 5 for EmpowerGMAT. These guys are the best for both Verbal and Quant. (Though I could also debate that Mathrevolution top them for Quant strategies). The way they structured triage and let you know what kind of questions to drop... man that was a life savior in the exam. For those who are anxious ducks like me, EMPOWER will tell you exactly how to calm the duck down so that you will not ruin your chance for a great score. You've gotta train yourself to master GMAT. There is no other way unless you are the top top top top test takers.

The awesome part about Empower is the triage strategy. Sometime in the exam room you will face questions that will make you want to scream and run out of the room, however with triage you will be able to eliminate them quite easily and move on to questions you know you can solve.

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