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Assassinating GMAT the EmpowerGMAT way!


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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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EmpowerGMAT has played a pivotal role in my GMAT journey. I was able to get an increment of 90 points just within a period of 45 days and all the credit goes to this course.
The way in which Rich and Max explain the quant and verbal concepts is just phenomenal and the course material is perfect for a beginner to master the GMAT concepts. The material touches upon all the concepts that are essential to get a great score in the exam. The material is divided into 5 modules and each module will focus on a certain aspect of the quant and verbal sections allowing the student to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Not only there is ample practice provided for each concept, but there are questions from official guide with video explanations that help us in understanding the GMAC questions as well.
With one of the rare courses that provides you a score increment guarantee and a very flexible pricing, EmpowerGMAT is the best way to go against this exam!

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